Habaneros The Taco Revolution | Arlington

2100 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington
(817) 861-0014

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Dan Carter

Very rude register person was more interested in eating her fruit salad than taking my order. After finishing her bite of food, taking my order and handling cash from three other customers, she started to help with food prep without washing her hands. She picked spilled meat up from around their storage area and tossed it back into the tubs that they were making tacos with. When confronted about the health issue she rolled her eyes and walked off. Also ordered fajita tacos and got raw onions and cilantro. Not impressed at all


Breakfast tacos and the agua Fresca is amazing but do not touch them tamales ?. They were the worst i ever had and I'm glad I only bought one.

Tyler Mathews

It was my wife and I’s first time going here and let me just say this is one of the best spots in the area for tacos. Not only was the food incredible, the salsas amazing, and the drinks one of a kind, but the service was also fantastic! The dude running the register(I’m awful with remembering names) was so kind and chatted it up with me for a bit. He let me sample the drinks before I bought them which was awesome. Overall the experience here was above exceptional and I’ll be a regular from here on out

Alfred Mireles

The chinos tacos are super great reminds me of back home in El Paso but much better

Jeff Pepper

Excellent Shrimp soft tacos!. Very fair pricing.

Gerardo Mendoza

I get the breakfast tacos. They're always hot and fresh. Recommend the green salsa. Friendly staff

sergio camacho

Great grub. Joyful place with good food and the sounds of people chatting and chomping down on their food

Janise Miescke

The breakfast selection is okay. Most of their more creative breakfast tacos are all spicy if you like that kind of thing. What really makes this place though is their freshly made frescas. Seriously the best drinks in town. They change the flavors every day, and I have yet to be disappointed.

Jesse McGuire

Never underestimate a gas station taco. Similar to Fuel City in Fort Worth, Habeneros may make its home in a gas station, but still delivers some of the best tacos around. The breakfast tacos are especially delicious, with a multitude of meat and veggie options (the use of actual link sausage is a nice touch). It's always super quick to order, especially with their updated point of sale system (that does accept mobile pay), and food is almost always ready in minutes. If you need a taco fix in North Arlington, and don't feel like putting on real clothes for Torchy's or slumming it at Taco Bell, then this spot is perfect.

Randy Staley

Huge Burritos!! Great quality. I've hooked everyone at my work place on Habaneros.

Chark Brister

I ordered the macho nacho and the only thing macho on my nacho, were the lettuce. No melted cheese on nachos!? Yall messin with me right? It has to b a prank because all these dry tortilla chips, ground beef, and 22 cheese sprinkles can't be what y'all serving to people!? If I wasn't so tired I would've went back and complained. If your menu says guac and queso, give me my s***. I should've known based on how light my box was. ?

Rekha Thakoor

Went to this place for a late lunch and ordered from the Vegetarian menu #2 Two veggie tacos with potatoes, cheese, lettuce, onions, bell peppers, and cheese.. The potatoes was lacking seasoning and spices, not enough cheese, bell peppers were weak.. no thank you but I will go to Taco Bueno.. MUCH better potato tacos and sauces.

Lori Hoehn

Awesom just like I remember


it used to be nice and clean place but, not anymore the cashiers are family members with attitude, don't care about customers, they handle money and touch food even during covid19. The food you get for the money you pay won't worth it!

G Acosta

Great food and prices, cashier was very fast and knowledgeable

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Habaneros The Taco Revolution | Arlington

2100 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006
(817) 861-0014