In-N-Out Burger

1075 Interstate 20 W, Arlington
(800) 786-1000

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William Garrison

I ordered the Double-Double meal w/ everything on the burger. The burger was good and had a good taste. I wasn't impressed with fries. They just didn't have much of a taste to them. I love good tasting fries so that part was disappointing. They were definitely busy while we were there. I was impressed with the employees behind rhe counter. They were all focused on doing their tasks and keeping the system of food prep going!

Carmen Byars

I had only been to the In and Out in California and did not know they had one in Texas until we were visiting from KY and were out shopping with my Sis-In-Love. It is just as fabulous in TX as it was in Cali - Fresh and tasty! And I want to give a HUGE shout out to De'Asia who served us so joyfully. You can tell she really loves & values her job!! She took our order with such kindness & eagerness AND she opened the door for us as we were leaving. How awesome is that??!! Talk about 5 ❇??The table we sat at while waiting on our to go order wasn't clean but that would be my only complaint (P.S. the aprons with the large safety pin was just adorable ?☺).

Elizabeth C.

Waited 1 HR just for a cold burger and fries! They wouldn't even give our money back when after 45 mins we had to leave. It was the worst experience. I would have gone to any other burger joint or anywhere. I'm so floored. I've been to lots and fast food joints and this was a longer wait than a steak restaurant! literally, the bun was breaking dry and the sauce was so cold it froze my mouth. Fries were like the were microwaved. please please please don't go here!

Andy Sanchez

I like in-n-out’s burgers because they don’t taste like a frozen burger that was cooked in a microwave. The fries look, smell, and taste fresh cooked. My order is: a triple meat hamburger, animal style- add chilies.With that being said, be prepared for a long wait time. There is almost always a line to order and the cooking takes some time. The price is reasonable I just have to mentally prepare myself to be patient.

Childish Plays

First time trying In-N-Out I got the double double and animal style fries it was real good I will be definitely eating again next time I’m in TX or CA

Fiorella Thomas

ALBERT IS THE BEST!!!! So patience and great customer service.

Zack Pattee

We come here every time we are in Arlington. Always well worth the money. Love coming here. Just ate here and I already can't wait to come back. Love this In-N-Out.

Angelo Decena

Simply the best fast burger place. My wife and I probably go here once or twice a month. The secret is to order animal style, which includes grilled onions!! Some times I order animal style and protein style, which is lettuce instead of bread, a little bit healthier option.

Natasha Cox

Waited about 45 minutes in drive-thru. Couldn't leave after in line. The employees was super friendly and helpful. After waiting so long we wanted to go home to eat but everything cold on our 15 minute ride home.

Tammy Lawless

Yummy as always. I finally figured out that their fries taste like potato sticks, like those thin chips you get in a can.

Sara Garcia

Even though this place gets really busy, especially on the weekends, these guys are always able to serve us quickly and the food is always soo good.(Fries aren't my favorite since they're a bit thin and plain but that can't be helped. Unless they're animal style then I absolutely love them.)Also the prices are relatively cheap depending on how you order. This is one of my favorite places to stop for a burger. Thank you guys for always doing your best. It's highly appreciated.

Kari G.

I was able to leave work a little earlier than normal and hit the drive thru on the way home before heading to the lake. I waited 40 minutes in line until I got my two meals. There is no way to get out, they trap you or I would have left long before. Very upsetting. Documented time through text with my husband.

Michael Acord

We came from Arkansas and was looking forward to eat here.. Definitely the best burger and fries.

Jane W.

Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww indoor service. Sitting here watching drive thru orders prioritized. Many people inside waiting on their orders, going to counter asking about their food. . We have been waiting over 20 minutes.

Nashi Burke

Friendly staff!! In n Out is always busy but the cooks and cashier's do extremely well under pressure from what I witnessed. Nothing wrong with our order.

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