Mimi's Cafe

301 E Interstate 20, Arlington
(817) 466-3212

Recent Reviews

Esperanza N Yeshua

place is dirty, menus dirty. i order malted Belgium waffles and got frozen boxed waffles and really bad tasting turkey sausage. my husband ordered brioche french toast that was sad. this is horrible. we are done with your restaurant.

Ray Bo

Great food & great service as always!

VanDella Menifee

One of my favorite places for breakfast! Jenny O. is amazing and Jocelyn V., awesome server!

Regina Thompson

I haven’t had Excellent service at a restaurant in years!! Listen - Mimis in Arlington leads the path of Service Excellence!! From the moment I walked in, I was seated immediately, my server Olga was at my table within seconds, she brought my beverage out almost immediately, I order my chicken and waffles then looked up and she’s already bringing it to me. My food was hot and good!! My coffee cup and water glass was never empty….. I literally didn’t have to ask for anything not even my check!!! Not once did I ever feel rushed. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. I looked around the restaurant and it didn’t matter how small or large the party of people that came in. People were seated immediately!! I simply had to let the manager Richard know what a fantastic job they were doing. These guys get it!! Bring your family and friends here - it is definitely worth your money and time!! Wish I could give 10 Stars ⭐️

John Hilliard

We went there for breakfast, service was pretty fast,our server was very nice and friendly, food was very good. My first time eating there..will definitely eat there again.


It was a great trip here! We loved everything we were served, and service wasn’t bad! The food came out at a slow pace however, (dispite there only being 2 tables including us.) Besides that, we were satisfied with our meal here.

Kenya T.

Today was my first time eating at MiMi's... the food was excellent. The kids and I had brunch .... The menu has so many options I fix the know what to get . I'll definitely be back .

Ernest G.

Service was terrible. Our server Omar was not welcoming, or attentive. The food wasn't any better tbh. The only good thing that I had was the mimosa. Maybe he had a bad choice nonetheless you know what you sign up for as a server.

Elvia C. Fernandez

fast service. clean location and very quiet.

Marsha Brown

We ordered burgers, fries and tea for lunch, kind of pricey. The fries were thin, average length similar to but smaller than McDonald's in size. We were not asked how we wanted the burgers cooked; rare, med well or well done. The waiter bought them to us med well with a little pink. This was our first visit, not sure if we will go back.


The food was great, it was my first time eating at a Mimi's Cafe. The waitress was pleasant and provided excellent service. The mimosas were good along with being I believe $5 on Saturday and Sunday until 3pm I think. I enjoyed my Sante Fe omelette, I would definitely try that again. The other breakfast i forgot what it was but it was definitely sweet, tasty another great choice if you are more of a sweet tooth on the morning.

Tasha Fisher

The food is so delicious and customer service is top notch!

Sylvia H

We took my daughter's family of six and her mother-in-law (total of nine people) who is visiting from out of state (my guest) to lunch yesterday, 6-19-2021. They do not take reservations but instructed me to call an hour in advance of coming and they would have a table ready for us. So I did exactly that. We all got there and they had written down our name but did not know when we could be seated because there were 20 something other people waiting to be seated. So what was the point of taking my name and number in our party and getting there "on time?" Got seated. Took drink orders. Drinks and bread came after 30 minutes, children in our group were getting restless and hungry. Finally, after an hour, the food started coming. Totally messed up my out-of-state guest's meal. She had ordered the meatloaf dinner. When they were finished bringing out the food, all she had was two side dishes: green beans and mashed potatoes with no gravy. No meatloaf. I got our waiter's attention. She proceeded to argue with me that my guest did not order meatloaf and if she wanted gravy, she could order an extra side. Gravy is not a side; on the menu, it comes with potatoes. I had to get the manager. Finally, after everyone was through eating, they brought out my guest's meatloaf. By then, the potatoes and green beans were cold and still no gravy for her potatoes. The waitress refused to take them to the kitchen to reheat them. Got the manager again and he just wanted us to leave. The bill came. Two things were on it that we did not get - one we ordered and one we did not. I circled the items and had them remove them from the bill. The waitress argued again. I told her, "look, you may have served these items to someone, but you did not bring them to our table, and we didn't even order one of them." She would not shut up arguing. I am heartbroken. No 1, I used to love Mimi's, but not any more. Their staff are all careless, have bad attitudes and need retraining. They do not listen and are rude. No. 2, my friend from out-of-staff does not come here often and I wanted lunch to be special, but it was wrecked. And finally, No. 3, their food, when delivered as ordered, is very good. They've got a very good product, but delivery is so atrocious that I will not be patronizing the place again. It is sad when a restaurant has a good theme, great location, and good food, but the service is so horrendous that they literally run off business. To be ignored is one thing, but then to have the rude, hateful waitstaff who obviously could not care less, but argue with you and shrug off responsibility for bad service is another. Yes, I left a modest tip. But they would have gotten a great tip had the service been up to par. BTW, I spent over $120 on the meal (three were kids' meals and the baby ate of her mommy's plate), so basically most of the check was for five adults. I left a "love letter" on the back of the bill for the manager to see. I doubt it will do any good.

Tashia Coutee-Guy

Great service every time! Food is good.


My daughter and I had breakfast this morning and received excellent customer service by Alexis! She answered all of our questions, provided excellent choices to accompany our meals, and provided great customer advices! Kudos ALEXIS I want to recognize you and say thank you for providing great service! I had the opportunity to leave a small note on my receipt and I acknowledged the service with the manager.

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