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604, B, Doug Russell Rd, Arlington
(682) 593-1428

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Ali Malik

Food is great. It’s hard to mess up a gyro. Yet customer service is non existent and they take forever on your order.

Hasib Ahsan

Nothing compared to newyork food. , salty , no flavor. Red sauce is sour and white sauce is salty too

Courtney B.

Their platters are definitely some of the best I've ever had. Today I ordered the chicken over rice platter with lettuce, onions , jalapeños and fries. It's so good!! Always get extra white sauce too!!

Maya Grant

Came here after seeing pretty mixed reviews and I wish we had skipped this place all together. The cashier got my order wrong, and when I told him my order was incorrect he insisted that I ordered a salad and not chicken over rice like I asked for. He did give me rice after reluctantly accepting his error. But the rice was cold and so were my fries. Also, I told the cashier mild and my food was pretty spicy. It’s safe to say that I won’t be returning and I don’t recommend this place at all.

shabti kaplan

This place serves the best halal food. Their chicken over rice, chicken gyros are the best. Best thing is, they are open so late, I mean at 10:30 P.M in the night and a dine-in option. The customer service is amazing. Will be definitely back. Only place near UTA, which is open late in the night.

Fatima Mukhi

WORST. PLACE. EVER. I’ve been coming here for like 3 years and for the past year, its literally like eating scraps from a back alley.My most recent order was the last straw. I PAID $40+ FOR 4 ITEMS, AND RECIEVED A 65 CENT DISCOUNT? THATS LESS THAN 2%.Half the burger didn’t have a patty, I could LITERALLY count the fries in my box on one hand. (Check the pictures) And the bun was thicker than the patty.I ordered the Gyro chicken wrap roll with all the veggies (+$1.38) and got maybe 3 veggies, Falafel was +$1 and could not be seen anywhere on the wrap. I’M FUMING.This business is a joke and if it wants any sort of chance at redemption then it needs to fire all of its workers and rehire some decent, nice, COMPETENT people. The wait time is ridiculous and they don’t even know how to answer the phone.Not to mention the place looks disgusting now.

Allen Huseljic

Food is great!! Cashier on 08/29/21 @ 1:15 PM has a terrible attitude to both guests and the staff he works with. The online order timetables are simply a lie. Why tell a guest to be there at a certain time for their order, only for the cashier to shrug and say “we’ll text you.” as his only response to any question I had about the timeline for an online order. Customer service is NOT this establishments forte. Thank god the food is good. 5/5 for food, 1/5 for service. This place is also DISGUSTINGLY dirty. Crumbs, soda, stickiness, grossness is everywhere. Do they not clean? I’d suggest wearing a mask and gloves in here. Not just for COVID.

Gloria U.

This place is killer! Open late and one of the places open late in the area and the food is quality and affordable!

Babar W.

Very nice waiters. Very affordable prices also. Went twice while in Dallas. All food was halal.

Melanie Duran

If you’re from NYC do not come here!!! I’m from queens and was so excited when i found this place. What a disappointment! Wow where do I start? This place is nothing close to 4+ ratings. First the place is filthy, from the tables dirty and sticky to the child seats. It looks like they never clean. When i asked for some disinfectant wipes to wipe down toddler chair they didn’t have any. The food was so bland and they put so little meat. The rice was tasteless and the falafels where burnt to a crisp. I ordered the Manhattan mix plate. Needless to say i was starving when i got here since I barely ate all day and I just lost my appetite halfway through the plate. The place was so dirty i felt grossed out by just touching anything and the AC was broken on a 100 degree weather with only one fan.I just finished my soda and left half the plate. Also what establishment doesn’t have anything to disinfect during COVID times!??!!

Aminata N.

I got a pita wrap with chicken and let me tell y'all it was one of the best things i've eaten in my life!!! the service was great and everything tasted so fresh i rate the place a 10/10


Not your typical gyro…you can elect to add any number of toppings and also choose the spicy level. Plenty filling. Service is a tad odd…none of the workers have any personality. Would we go back? Yes.

Jimmy V.

Came here very hungry and the food still disappointed. The service was not friendly. The tastiest thing here was the half/half iced tea I got from the fridge. Would not recommend.

Chris Johnson

Walked in cold, no idea what to get. These guys hooked it up and had an AMAZING lunch! 10/10 would definitely go back and mad at myself for sleeping on this place so long!!!!

Iron Man Q

If you want good food then you must wait in line. Very good food, I ordered Manhattan platter it was amazing. The down size is wait is long, during busy time 25-30 mins even if you order ahead. Again the food is amazing so waiting is not an issue. Very well done. Better than halal guys here in dfw area.

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