Ocean Chinese Seafood Restaurant

1510 New York Ave, Arlington
(817) 261-5929

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Jenn C.

Not bad for Chinese food in Texas! We got the water spinach, Fried shrimp wrapped in tofu, salt and pepper shrimp, hot & sour soup!

John S.

On point again on all dishes we ordered today! Very tasty and generous portions! My family is very happy and will keep coming back for more!!!

Eric W.

First time trying this and I'm very happy with my meal. I had the Hot and Spicy Chicken with hot and sour soup. The soup while very tasty was extremely spicy so be forewarned. Let it cool a minute. The chicken was very trendy and seasoned well. If they would cut the bell thinner I would be happy. We also had the Orange Chicken and Beef. Chicken was fine but the Beef is now on my favorite list. Light and crispy friend pieces of beef with a light sauce. Dinner places try to cover the taste of the beef with the sauce, this one didn't. They have a very extensive menu so you will find something to satisfy your taste buds. Nice little small restaurant,

Chastity W.

So that one bad review, I think she just went on a bad night because I agree with everyone else. Our food was amazing and the service was friendly and fast. We have made this one of our spots. It's definitely worth the try.

Raquel R.

If i could i would give this place no stars! Dont get me wrong the food was delicious but the customer service from the owners and employees was horrible my husband and i sat for atleast 20 min before we were asked about drinks and then about another 15 min till our orders were taken. Mind you several other asian customers cane in were seated and helped immediately. Then when it was time to pay we were rushed out the door. Never asked if we wanted refils or anything else off the menu. Waitress continually rolled her eyes at us when ever we asked a question or tried asking for something. Will never go back

Mister T.

Was out and driving around, saw this place and had to try. Authentic Cantonese style cooking and excellent service

Yellow O.

there's not that many chinese restaurant like this in arlington/grand prairie area. basic good chinese food

Janie Mata

The food is always super good! It’s been consistently good every time we’ve gone and we love the vegetarian options! We dine every time so I can’t comment on the to-go. But the food always comes out in a timely manner and is always tasty!

Billiejean Morsett

Food was so amazing and the owner is so sweet. He takes pride in what is made in his restaurant! We can't wait to go back and just try different dishes!!

Alec Nguyen

Listen I've been eating here my whole life.1. Yes it's dirty2. Completely forgivable being that this is the most authentic Chinese food you'll get at a restaurant.My rule of thumb for any minority food Asian, Hispanic, soul food, etc. If the restaurant doesn't look like it might fail a health inspection I don't want it.Don't go and order something that isn't traditionally Chinese here it won't taste right. But the traditionally Chinese food here is A1(Orange chicken from panda express is not how orange chicken is supposed to look, it's way different)If you can't deal with that go get yourself some white wash Asian food tbh that taste nothing like what it's supposed to.

Solitary G.

Ordered $200 dollars worth of food just now and it filled the car with an indescribable aroma. When I took my first bite, I was speechless. The orange beef tastes AMAZING. Go here if you're looking for an Asian restaurant with great tasting food!

Steven Hong

If you're every craving Chinese seafood I'm the Arlington area, this is the place to go. I would recommend the Salt & Pepper fried squid. The food comes out really quickly too and family style would be the way to go so you can try multiple dishes.

Molly Webb

Best Chinese food! We drive out from Dallas every month to eat here. Super quick service and fantastic food. Our favorites - egg drop soup, Mongolian beef and pork, beef flat noodle in black bean sauce, orange beef, and salt and pepper squid.

Lily C.

Came in while visiting Dallas, and it was sooooo good! We went in on a Wednesday night, and it was pretty packed, which should speak to the quality and deliciousness of the food. We got 9 dishes for a party of 7 and it was perfect for all of us. We ate salt and pepper prawns, tofu, calamari, the fried whole fish with sweet and sour sauce, stir-fried green beans, Chinese broccoli, sizzling stuffed bean curd, a crab and asparagus soup, and orange beef. Everything was so delicious and left me stuffed but wanting more. Haven't tried enough Chinese places in Dallas to compare Ocean's to other restaurants, but I don't think you can go wrong coming here.

Mark M.

Poor customer service and the food is below average. I won't be returning because the dine in atmosphere is not comfortable.

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Ocean Chinese Seafood Restaurant

1510 New York Ave, Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 261-5929