Peter's Chicken, Burger, Wings, & Seafood

1823 E Abram St, Arlington
(817) 459-2662

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lisa brown

Bought three cheeseburgers and 3 orders of fries, didn't take the drinks because I thought they were individual cups. It was 2 liter bottle. I could ki k myself!24 plus cents. It was worth the wait. Old fashion burgers with substantial beef pattie, tomatoes ,ect...Hot when I got them and hot when I got home 20 minutes later. Worth the wait!!!.Photos are half eaten...LOL.

Tedra Bailey

The service was nice and so was the prices... that's the reason for the one star. The wings had very little flavor. The tenders had ABSOLUTELY no flavor. The green beans was cold and flavorless. The tator tots was just grease. The okra was hard and salty. Please let me know which day of the week I should try them again and maybe some menu items. I would love to support this small business.

David R King II

8.99 for a large turkey leg, what a DEAL. Cause it was more like an EXTRA LARGE turkey leg. Skin was nice and crispy like like a bag of chips. Well worth the wait.

Dreday Allday Everyday

I've been going here for about five/six years and the food has always been good and orders are never wrong. Catfish, bomb. Burgers, Wings, It's usually the same guys in there so everything is on point and they make everything to order. Even when I order through GrubHub, the food is fresh.

Myron “Boogie” G

Visited the Abrams Peter's location today, and the food was absolutely horrible.After waiting 20 minutes for our food, we got home and realized our order was incorrect and items were missing.This use to be a great place to dine, Now I strongly recommend eating elsewhere to anyone trying to feed their families !!!!!!

amaun hales

Been all over town and this is the best locally owned chicken place to go too. Exceptional quality, if you haven't tried it at least once you don't know what you are missing.

Uche Ibe

I came in a skeptic, but with the price point of $1,500 I made a profit of $19,350. The result has been the feedback from pros and customers has been amazing in terms of profits and the customer service is one of best departments I’ve ever dealt with, and have referred 2 customers who are also very happy . This is a reputable bitcoin Investment Platform to invest in, You can contact her to earn... Email:[email protected] WhatsApp:+12133736954

Nathan Huth

Greeted upon entering, cashier quickly got my order correctly, food cooked to order. Lots of food for your money. ? ? was spectacular. I ordered the fried catfish the following day. They also have single sodas/beers/snack cakes. I purchased their Peter's Spicy Sauce. They have snow cones and a frozen treat freezer.

sheree coleman

I bought a double cheese hamburger the other day when I got off of work.. I called it in I confirmed the ingredients over the phone and then my boyfriend picked it up. I came all the way from euless to support this business. Upon arriving home I opened my food and the burger was made incorrectly I called the establishment but they were closed at the time.. the next morning I called the establishment and spoke with the owner.. he said if I brought the burger and the receipt back they would remake my burger I did just that and upon my arrival he took the box my food came in opened it up and gave it back to me and told me he was not going to refund or remake my hamburger, but I had just called also he was very rude loud talking me and told me that he would cut the vegetables and put them on my cold Burger that's been sitting overnight that was made incorrectly but he would not make me a new hamburger.... He was hollering and being disrespectful and my daughter was present... I had to go get my boyfriend and he went in there and spoke with him.... Then after about 10 minutes of going back and forth he finally did replace my hamburger and that was after trying to make us pay half for the burger that he just made smmfh.... The sad thing is I ordered from there all the time but I usually never go in and he's never seen my face I will never do business there again. They have good food but the customer service is horrible I guess it's okay as long as your food gets made correctly

Chanda Nguyen

here from tiktok but this family is so cute and you truly can see that they put so much love into the food ❤️

melissa daquin

Genius marketing! Great food! Check this place out!

Kevin Williams

the manager is rude... They have no good customer service.... Poor quality of food grease seems old... they have also messed up on my food and did not want to replace it

Asis Tenr

my best friend always goes to this restaurant but she never goes in she always orders online ....this time she went in to return a hamburger that was made incorrectly and was treated like pure trash. before she brought the burger back she called and spoke with the manager and they said everything was okay for her to bring in the burger and receipt and they would replace the burger.. my friend is very educated and professional so she talks what people would say is white so he

The GoldenReul

Great fried chicken. I don't like the corn in there combo fried rice, but it's gud enough for me to actually pick out each kernal before I eat.(don't like corn)...wings are gud burgers are huge don't get a double first?...colorful staff.

Talanda White

Excellent food is truly a must try if you like chicken and burgers.

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Peter's Chicken, Burger, Wings, & Seafood

1823 E Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 459-2662