Pizza Hut

3601 SW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington
(817) 557-4477

Recent Reviews

Dorothy Stapleton

They were quick and pizza was exactly as ordered!

James Dennis

Make the app work correctly. I tried adding boneless wings and cinnabon buns to the order and it kept giving me an error until I deleted it. I missed having them with my pizza.

Eva Johnson

Order 2 pizzas both were burnt beyond belief. They were totally black. Had to throw away and go to whataburger

Debbie Byrd

The pizza was good but i did curbside and waited 10 minutes and end up going in which i did not want to

Peya Jones

Correct both problems: Website option was curbside pickup. There was no curbside and not ready on time.

Eric Nailor

Welcoming, professional, and friendly staff. Very hard working with focusing on teamwork behind the the counter, prep area, and delivery orders.

Marjee Brennan

Timely. I received everything I ordered and all was hot. Driver friendly.

Alesha Hall

Make sure i get what i ask for. When preparing my order. I order a large pizza with chicken & Beef ( steak). But I received the Italian sausage.

Ka Chapman

The pizza was ready when I got there and the order was correct.

Kristen J.

I'd give 0 stars if possible. Pizza was delivered to our next door neighbor. But only after waiting 30 min after getting the text the "pizza out for delivery" and calling did I find out. Nice to know I tipped well, in advance, due to contactless delivery for someone that can't read an address.

The Hollands

Ordering online was easy. I selected to pick up my order. Pizza Hut sent me an email with the exact time my pizzas would be ready. The pizzas were exactly as ordered and delicious. Excellent customer service when order was picked up. We will be back.

Cindy Griffith

I ordered the big box deal and it came right on time. When we opened the box it was a mess. Pizza, wings, and breadsticks were thrown all onto one side of the box and there was sauce all over the inside lid as well as the entire box. It looked like it was dropped. I did call the manager in charge (Alex) and he had them remake the order and get it delivered back out to us. We finally received it an hour later. I would recommend the driver allow the customers to look at the items before they leave so they can confirm the accuracy and appearance of the delivery. In the future we will be inspecting all orders coming from Pizza Hut and will advise friends and family to do the same. Thank you Alex for replacing our order.

Ken Kosakowski Sr.

As always, the pizza was as advertised and on time, hot and delicious. Ask my dogs. And, I agree that No one Outpizza's the Hut.

Erik Aguyao

The quality of the food the last few visits has been barely edible at best. There is no care or pride in the way it is prepared or cooked. It was tasteless and boring. The delivery driver was very friendly though.

Kim Spalding

Our order was incorrect. Tried to call and the phone would pick up, automated voice then hang up. Tried several times to report the error. There were two very different sets of toppings on the pizzas, the receipt reflected that, but the pizzas that arrived were the same toppings for both.

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