Sonic Drive-In

2121 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington
(817) 460-2960

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My food was old. As busy as it is, how can my food not be fresh!? Tasted like it sat all day. Won’t come again. Visited the Location on 2121 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington, Tx

Lisa R Webster

The Young Man Who Waited On Me Fixed My Route44 Cherry Lime Aide Just Right With A Lot Of Juice That I Really Enjoyed My 2 Corny Dogs And My Cherry Lime Aide.!!!

tyrell dyson

Not bad for fast food little wait for your food but not to bad

Rolando Martinez

Order on phone app. Order a burger with no cheese, no mayo, no tangy sauce, no onions. They decided to make it there way. They added cheese, they added mayo, and they added tangy sauce. Since this was a pickup order i didn't realize what they did until i got back to work. Apparently cook is to stupid to read order properly. One day this stupidity will get them in trouble when they do that to someone who is allergic to something.


Sonic has not retained the quality it used to have when it first started.The kiosks are damaged. The food does not taste fresh.But the staff was friendly and the food is not bad.

Loyd May

Food was phenomenal! But is this acceptable? This much ice in a drink? Come on now. Drinks should not have this much ice. Even after ordering normal ice and not extra ice.

Kiersten Nawara

absolutely ridiculous. I waited for 20 minutes after clicking the red button. granted, it was 10:30pm, however, six flags made us starving and I apologized for coming in late. a young lady came on the speaker at 10:50 and said that they’re closed due to maintenance even though we had been waiting at least 20 minutes. I explained that I had been waiting and she said “I’ve been answering the stalls very quickly.” super unprofessional and rude. I understand that it is hard right now to work, especially in the food industry (bc I do too), but when they’re are other cars getting food while I “thought” I was waiting on a person to help me on the speaker; it’s annoying. at least take my order because I have been waiting.


First, that black girl taking orders is very rude and impolite. She has zero respect for customers, it is a time for the Manager of this place to do something about it. Second, the way they serve the tarter tots and put and the ketchup's package, candy and napkin right on the top of the tarter tots which is not covef is not sanitary and need to stop. Since when Sonic charge their customers 0.60 cents to drink water?? Water should be given for free and charge nothing, I paid for the food and got charge 0.60 cents to drink water. It is ridiculous.

Mackenzie Ferguson

They had hardly any customers, yet our very small simple order took forever, and when we finally got it part of the order was wrong. In general I really like sonic, but I would not recommend this particular location.

Nikia Lawson

That banana pudding shake is LYFE! LOVE IT!

John MacNary

They were out of banana, which is fine. But they’ve been out of banana before, so I’ll deduct one star. Always fast and friendly service.

matt roberts

Sweet tea always on point!

Jenny Shoning-Cargill (J C)

Waited for $10+ minutes and no one ever came out. Menu boards may have been improperly working.

Scott Byrd

ordered online. took my cash. get there they are closed. call head office. they can not reroute my order and refund will not arrive 7 to 10 business days? when we order breakfast for our crew it runs 20 to 40 bucks and we do it once a week. not any more. could not even reroute my order? wtf? unacceptable.

wendy Hornal

Rude employees and food is terrible.I usually go to the sonic on Green Oaks where they NEVER disappoint but decided to go to this particular sonic as it was closer to my home and it was raining. I wasn’t going to order food as I know from past experience their food here is terrible but all I was going for was vanilla ice cream: what could possibly go wrong???I pulled up and asked for a simple vanilla ice cream in a cup. They refused to make me this and said they had no way to ring it in and could not sell me just a plain vanilla ice cream. I told them I didn’t understand, they are able to accommodate me at the sonic off Green oaks: they responded the only way they will sell me plain vanilla ice cream would be in a cone or as a shake with toppings. This to me is so ridiculous and such an easy request of a plain vanilla ice cream…. So I left went down the street to my normal sonic spot: they had no problem serving me a small vanilla ice cream and I was on my way.It is like the team at this location just don’t care at all.If I could leave No stars I would.

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