Sonic Drive-In

3518 Matlock Rd, Arlington
(817) 557-5707

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Marcy Beecham

I just had the best carhop ever! He had the best customer service and he was so nice! Very efficient! I ordered a side of cherries and as soon as he gave me the order he said "i forgot hour cherries I'll run and get them real quick" that really showed me how much he cares about his customers! His name was Gavin! He was amazing! Will be coming back!

Cecilia Vazquez

Paul's presentation is very unique, it's wonderful to be greeted with a smile. Always deserves a tip with that! What a wonderful server! Food here has always been great ??

Miguel Cervantes

Ordered the popcorn chicken combo, and when I tried to order a shake as the drink, the employee lied and said the icecream machine was broken. After I placed the order I had to wait about 40-50 minutes and to ask them about it like 2-3 times for them to get it done. They ended up making my order at 7:12 pm (40-50 minutes after I had placed the order) as it said on the receipt, but when I was handed my order, I was given the wrong order instead of my meal. Had to hand back the order and wait another 15 minutes to get my meal. The chicken ended up tasting funny and I didn't even finish it all and some of the fries were not cooked properly. Had to order the shake separately and luckily did not have to wait an hour to receive it. Also, as the employee had falsely stated the ice cream machine was broken, I had ordered a Coke instead, and it also ended up tasting extremely watered down then that of a regular fountain drink. The reason I was there was due to an athletic event and I would never be there by my own free will. One of my friends ended up ordering chili cheese fries and he never received them so good job.Additionally there is a major problem with the stalls next to the benches outside. They seemed to be glitched, meaning that the stall would display the text " Red button activated. We'll be with you shortly", even though no one had ordered. With a semi-big athletic team, this made ordering a hassle as a few of us thought that one of us had placed an order, delaying all of us eating together.After a long and exhausting day at a tournament, I wanted nothing more than a good meal from Sonic with my shake. Handling orders proved to be a challenge for this location making the experience irritable. In all honesty, I would have preferred to not have eaten at all than to have eaten that food. The moral of the story? If you ever find yourself in that location, DONT EAT THERE. Just go to the Burger King next to it, or even the QuikTrip located to the left. Glad this location is not where I live, as if it was I would move.

tasashama scott

My jr breakfast burrito was cold!I pressed the button to let them know well the young man that came out 1 had a attitude for what I do not know I mean it's MY BURRITO 2 he snatched my bag 3 I kid u not he walked in and walked right back out and handed me the same bag I had just gave him 4 I asked for a manager to come talk to me and this ugly face woman came out with money in her hand told me to keep the food and here is my refundYa'll all I wanted was a hot or semi hot burrito. I had no attitude wasn't even mad about it being cold but o well

xxlio xano

Went about two times this month to get my usual French toast and both times they forgot the syrup & I’m always in a rush don’t have time to check the bag but you’d think they’ll put it in there without you haven’t to ask :(

Paul Howard

hot dog buns always fresh soft and hot dogs skins not tuff, just perfect tasting meat. Easy to eat and digest All American hot dogs. Only downside is mustard and relish is too much for my liking, prefer to tast the beefy hotdogs over taste over dripping mustard/relish. Wastful when racking off some of topping. Sorry, I do not have photo of sample of my opinion of excess topping.

Rebel Marshall

Had to request marinara sauce that is supposed to cone with the cheese sticks. The tots were rather greasy. And the burger had zero flavor past the ketchup and cheese. All in all the drink was the only item worth a darn. Everything else was junk and not worth the calories.


Ordered chil cheese tatertots . The tots were cold and tasted of old oil.

Savannah Auryn

I was so close to stepping out onto Matlock in front of any car speeding by and then I took a bite of the burger and decided against the idea. I feel like 22 is going to be a good one.

Patrice Florie

Great love their ice coffee french vanilla add caramel. It's half price in the am before 11. Not on the half price at 2

Tonya Smith

While waiting for my to-go order, I seen roaches crawling on the machines visible from window by where person take s orders. When I told the same lady who btook my order, she said pest control sprayed day before. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

Marisol Corrales

great service and fast...I just wish they would bring out drink carriers when more than 1 drink.

Palms Nail Bar

This sonic has really stepped it up. The burgers patties taste juicy and fresh not frozen, and the customer service is good. Loving the hot pretzels right now too. It’s now one of our favorite places for lunch.

Megan Barnes

They refused us service in the drive thru and they served the people before and after us. This was the night of 10/15 or 10/16/21 I believe ?? I have no clue why. We tried waiting there for like 15 minutes for them to take our order. Never going back. Sorry.

LeeAnn Dries

Got the grilled cheese burger, meat was ver thin, more bread then meat

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