Sushi Domo

3330 Matlock Rd STE 106, Arlington
(817) 557-3135

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It's all about the valcano roll.!.!.!

true l.

Great atmosphere. Ordered Volcano roll and bento. Bento tasted exactly like bolgogi with a hint of grilled. Volcano roll was creamy, spicy, came on a fiery plate (nice touch), tempura on the bento was perfectly fluffy, not greasy. Same with egg roll. Service was great, not overly attentive. Amy... uhh the blonde one!

Val M.

This restaurant has always been one of the top ones on my list and I always tend to want to go here for sushi when I'm in the mood for authentic sushi but this last time we ordered I actually went to pick up my food and when I got back to the office I noticed they got our order wrong we order salads and they gave us soup then when I opened my sushi one of the sushi pieces had a piece of hair which was really nasty.

Alexis T.

The sushi rolls here are by far the best in Arlington. However, I find the owners unprofessional because they park their cars in front of the store, and not leave it for guests. Sometimes they'll even put a cone on the parking spots closest to the entrance. This speaks loud about their character.

Kiersten A.

I love this place. It's a gem of Arlington. I come here for sushi & sake but I always try something new and have never been disappointed. The service is always nice and the atmosphere is just right.

Tamisha Taylor

Love this place. Great food, great environment ????

Kristina Mendoza

Awsome service & food is the best! Tried several places but none as good as them.

Kevin M.

I used to love this place. I became a regular wirh my friends. However, the past two times I have came, they said that they closed early. I got here at 8:30PM. It is advertised that they close at 10PM. One time they gave no excuse, the second time was because of maintenance. Definitely will not be coming back. Lost a customer. Also, next time turn off the open sign off!

marisela garza

I love this place! The food and service is 5 stars. But this was the second time i came for dinner at 8pm bc their hours say they’re open tell 10pm so we thought we had time to eat dinner. We get their at 8pm and at 8:25pm they said last call for kitchen. They literally cleaned up in 5 minutes, turned off music and we were rushing to eat in dead silence. We left at 9pm. If we knew this was gonna happen we would have taken our business somewhere else where we can talk and eat. NOT RUSH and feel awkward! So I just want the owners to know to correct their hours on google!!! And to customers they will do last call and clean up 30 minutes before they close!!!

Viet Ta

Friendly staff, great food and atmosphere.


They have pretty good lunch specials! The sushi was delicious!

Agent 8

I was excited to try this place, so we arrived for an early dinner. We started with a beer, sake, shrimp spring rolls, a side salad and rolls as apps. The spring roll order is only one, sliced in half, atop a martini glass. While tasty I wished the portion would have been larger.The shrimp tempura roll was good with spicy mayo and wasabi, while the california roll was bland and boring. As entrees we ordered a Katchu chicken and burrito roll.The katchu chicken was a flavorless chicken fried chicken. While it was crispy it had no flavor at all. The fried rice it came with was pretty good though.The benti burrito was a gummy mess and did not taste good, so she decided to send it back after a single bite. As soon as we told the server, her first response is, "we don't do returns"... Not an empathetic responce, not can I get you something else... nope.We both found her comment very tacky and rude. At this point, we realize she never brought out the side salad either. So when she comes around, I ask her whether they'll also be charging us for the salad she never brought out.She then tell us they had removed the item from the bill but chose to do in a rude and loud way. Once she sets down the bill, she sarcasticly says you have a GREAT day!Remember, if you're in the service industry you service. The quality of said service affects your tip.

Elizabeth Roberts (LizzyRoseStar)

Took best friend out for her birthday lunch.

Samuel Coello

It's a great place to eat.... food and music are awesome but they don't change the hours on Google when they're are open or closed.This is my second time coming to the restaurant at 9.10pm just to tell me that they're closed and the first time they said cheff was tired and now because kitchen was closed


Very good Restaurant

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