Authentic New York Pizza

5838 S Staples St, Corpus Christi
(361) 986-1151

Recent Reviews

Cecilia Holland

Love this place. Had the Supreme pizza. Could only eat a slice and took the rest back to the hotel!

Jesus martinez

Oh my goodness how delicious ? Why go anywhere else. I was so not gonna order and am glad I did. This pizza is not only delicious and huge. They also have beef pepperoni I do not eat pork. This was a win win . So glad I finally found a good pizza spot. Will visit on my next vacation. Oh and not to mention the Jack Daniel wings. Oh my goodness. You will not regret ordering here.

Listless Muse

The staff here is always working to make you feel comfortable and appreciated. It's a locally owned business and the owners are really decent people. They give their employees a chance.Their pizzas can be huge! My husband loves their plan cheese and it's his favorite pizza place. When he’s had a hard week, I like to surprise me with New York Style. I wasn't a huge fan of their red sauce (it was hit or miss with me) however, their chicken alfredo pizza is my obsession! Their chocolate cream cake is supper yummy. Definitely give them a try if you haven’t. It’s another great local business.

Stacy Goode

This place is amazing!! We were looking for some delicious gourmet pizza during vacation and this place did not disappoint! We ordered the party pack for 10-15 people and that included 2 large pizzas, a half tray of pasta and a half tray of salad. We ordered the meatball penne and every single bite tasted so homemade and authentic. The highlight was the chicken Alfredo pizza. The little bits of basil just threw it over the top. It was decadent! We were all so thrilled to have such a tasty and filling dinner. This place does not disappoint! Wish you guys were in Dallas!

LauRelle C.

Walked in and ordered to go. Got the Sunday special which gave us a few free toppings. Ordered a half and half. The pizza was pretty good but the presentation could have used work- toppings not evenly distributed and didn't bring the cheese close to the crust. Quality of the toppings was great but we ordered extra cheese so definitely didn't expect big patches with no cheese. Is this normal??

Michelle Nguyen

Just ordered today and found the best tasting pizza of my life . Delivery was perfect. Ordered a supreme to be blown away by how much care goes into the ingredients and recipe. Crust is is rich and toppings are fresh and flavorful. The only pizza in corpus you should have. Thank you authentic New York!

Joni Carney

I am a 100 % Italian from Jersey. That being said this pizza was amazing. They fully load the pizza with toppings. Its hands down in my top 6 of places I have had pizza from. You guys are killing it. The service is also very pleasant and loved the experience


I was in town visiting from the Austin area and my kids wanted pizza. I prefer local places so we went here because of the good reviews and damn was it so good! The food did take awhile but man was it worth the wait! I can’t wait to go back next time I’m in town.

Danielle Cantu

I've never actually sat down to eat inside so, I feel like I can't speak on that. However, the pickup service is awesome. I appreciate the option to order online, and the pizza... it's the best in town.

Maria Elena Gomez

The best pizza ever! Wonderful services! Family friendly environment! First timer ever going today and me and my family will definitely be returning!!

Steve Penney

The pizza was great - huge portions and delicious - and our server was a sweetheart. We had such a fun evening! We highly recommend New York Authentic Pizza!

jessica cropper

As usual, this place EXCEEDS expectations. The best pizza in town, every time. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend.

Jerry H.

We went to New York Pizza expecting to get a descent pizza. We ordered the 12 inch supreme margarita. about 13 bucks, a coke and water for my wife. The PIZZA WAS THE WORST EVER. The dough was half RAW and the toppings were only Luke warm. $26 for this crap. I told the waiter about the problem, his reply was "IT'S BECAUSE OF THE QUANITY OF TOPPINGS" HE DID NOT OFFER TO MAKE IT RIGHT IN ANY WAY. I again told the idiot cashier girl and she said they would put it back in the oven. We had already waited 35 minutes plus we all know what happens to our food if we send it back to the cook. I don't know where the owner was, but they should not trust their reputation to these idiots. They don't care enough about their jobs to make a QUALITY pizza, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS PLACE!! i WISH I COULD GIE THEM ZERO STARS.


There were 4 other people here and the pizza toke over 40 minutes to hit the table. Pizza crust tastes like bisquick, awful. I would NEVER eat here again. Terrible server.

Joshua Cavazos

Outstanding food and experience. Ownership took the time to passionately explain their noticeable improvement in the quality of ingredients/food. Thank you ?

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