Bien Mérité Cafe, Bakery, and Restaurant

1336 S Staples St, Corpus Christi
(361) 334-0241

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Meagan Clement

Their tiramisu is my go to!! SO DELICIOUS. Took a box home with my macarons. Made some espresso. Their coffee is delicious too. Highly recommend the coffee latte. SO GOOD. One of my favorite spots in corpus!

Tim Zonkel

The desserts were fantastic. I loved the way they incorporated fresh berries in them. The breakfast plates were also delicious and the matcha and espresso drinks were great. Highly recommended.

Stephanie Briones

Came here today for the first time and LOVED IT. Such a cute place and the food and service was amazing. Great coffee, not too sweet, just perfect. Loved everything about this place and I will definitely be returning soon!

Taylor Watson

Staff is so nice and food is amazing! I appreciate them enforcing masks during this time that way they are able to stay in business! 10/10! Cant wait to come back ?

Janette Salas

I loved everything about Bien Merite! The scenery is so nice! The food was delicious and customer service was amazing! Everyone so nice! They have great drink and meal choices and don’t forget to try their yummy pastries and desserts!!

Jennifer Johnson

I honestly had so much expectation with the pretty pictures from previous reviews, so that's my fault. What really got me was the customer service, its 08/12/2021 and this location requires mask, which of course is fine, yet doesnt accommodate guest for its requirements. Unfortunately, it was not a friendly environment, we had a hard time enjoying our food. The price was steep for three people, compared to the quality and presentation of the food. I unfortunately was not satisfied. Suggestion to the chef/owner teach clerks and guest respect. I really thought the environment looked beautiful. It's at a great location.Yet, it's hard times for everyone, the better we can continue to grow and love each other the stronger America and Corpus Christi will be!

Dee E

First time to have brunch at this establishment and we enjoyed it very much. The place has a great atmosphere and friendly staff. Excellent place to have many future brunches. The food was prepared to perfection especially the Tiramisu. So many fine pastries that we even left with a box full to enjoy later.

Jacob Royer

Of the coffee places we visited this was one of the best. The pastries of course didn't hurt.It was a little difficult figuring out where the front door was but then someone told us that they don't use the front door anymore and to go around to the side. And with that we were in.The inside is well spaced out so plenty of room. When we ordered my wife got the coffee and we ordered a few pastries, more my taste.The mini eclairs were still a little frozen. They probably make a lot and freeze them, bringing them out as needed. Still awesome. The tiramisu was the best thing though. Sure I'm not a coffee drinker but coffee flavoring is great. The texture was spot on and the flavors balanced.We also got a slice of chocolate roll cake to go.It wasn't super busy and the staff didn't mind chatting a little and answering any questions we had.The parking was fine and they kept up with cleaning the place so no problem there.Overall this was a nice stop on our trip. When we go back to Corpus we'll probably end up here again.

John Warren

This place was a hidden gem on our trip to Corpus Christi. Located near downtown and not marked very well, the service and food quality made up for not being totally sure we were in the right place. The waffle was fluffy with just the right crisp on the outside. My egg was cooked perfectly, and they took my request for crispy bacon seriously! We could not help ourselves and we got a cinnamon roll as an appetizer, and ended up getting an assorted box of goodies out of the bake case. If in CC, TX make sure to add a visit here for brunch to your to do list.

Ray Rodriguez

Absolutely amazing experience. All I can say is, "Pretty in Pink!" The decor and atmosphere was just simple yet classy. The food had me giddy. Had the salmon and lox, while my wife had the classic french breakfast plate and it was so delicious. For dessert we had the chocolate and raspberry n pistachio tarts and all I can say is "Tart-ally" awesome! A must in Corpus.

Monico Hernandez III (monyking)

Pricy but the drinks are really great. Highly recommended to stop by. This a uniquely restaurant that serves the public something different. I love it!

Ellie M.

I really wanted to love this place. The problems started when I couldn't even find it. There was a note on the door stating that you've moved and to go around the corner. That sign should have said: walk back to the street, turn left and go all the way down to the pink shop, which is the last shop on the strip. I found it, but no signage on the building at all. Needless to say, the building itself was less than desirable and just getting through the door was challenging--the door was difficult to open. Once I was inside, the overall decor of the restaurant left a lot to be desired. Let's talk about the food. I ordered the plain and chocolate croissants. They were good, not great. The chocolate croissant didn't look like they advertise on their IG. I also tried the eclair and the cream puff. The eclair was good, but overpriced for that size. I would say it's a mini-sized. The cream puff, also mini-size, was good, but the powdered sugar on top was hard. It was also overpriced for the size. I sincerely hope the owner reads this and makes changes, because there's so much potential here. You can use your social media accounts to help new customers find you and you can also change the wrong address easily on Google.

Kimberly Black

Super lovely and friendly staff, delicious baked goodies… Wonderfully charming atmosphere..their sandwiches and matcha are the best!

Salah A

Nice little place to get some grub. The breakfast bowl was great. Had the salty sweet mocha for my beverage, I enjoyed it all. Place is a bit on the pricey side and would've like bigger portions, but definitely worth a try after soaking up the sun.4/5

RC Play

A real hidden gem. We had the French breakfast 3 days in a row while visiting Corpus. It was simply amazing each time. The menu is online only, and they are cashless, so card ONLY. Excellent service. There may be a wait on weekends, it gets busy! But it is worth waiting a few minutes! The croissant, mousse cup, beignet and cafe latte was all amazing. Wish I could take Bien Merite home with us! ???

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Bien Mérité Cafe, Bakery, and Restaurant

1336 S Staples St, Corpus Christi, TX 78404
(361) 334-0241