BKK thai kitchen + bar

3850 S Alameda St UNIT 27, Corpus Christi
(361) 334-0857

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Tuyet N.

I love BKK. One of my favorite places to have lunch/dinner dates with my friends. However it can be loud sometimes but I can deal with the loudness with the great food and staff they have. My daughter loves their chicken fried rices from there.


Our server was great! I don't remember the names of the dishes below, but we both enjoyed them. I'd say the food could be slightly improved, but for a small-ish city, this is most likely the best vegan food available.The drinks were also really delicious.

Shelly Smithwick

We always have the best experience when having BKK brunch. The Bloody Mary's have just the right amount of kick and the sweetness of the candied bacon offsets the heat. Yummy !

Minh Nguyen

We ordered pine Apple fried rice and pad Thai. Pad Thai was good. Pine apple fried was not good. The rice was dried and undercooked. Not a lot of chicken and shrimp in it either. We didn't like the food presentation either. It's look like those food bowls for dogs and cats in the third world nations.

Sha C

We went to BKK Thai for the first time today because my favorite thai spot is closed on Sundays. I ordered the panang curry. Honestly, I would have taken the food back if I didn't live 1 hour away. The rice was raw. The grains were so hard, I could not eat it. It was completely inedible. I paid $17 for raw rice. I am giving it a 2 because the curry was good. Sorry I will not be returning. It was not a very good first time experience.

Kimberly Hernandez

This place make the most delicious food!! ! ❤ thank you!! !

Victoria V.

This place is my favorite place to eat in Corpus Christi! I love how involved the owners are! They take feedback and criticism amazing! Very involved with customers & make the restaurant so welcoming! This is my favorite place to take any of my friends to eat! I have not tried anything from this restaurant I don't love! The drinks are also delicious!

Chase S.

This place is the absolute best!! I love coming here whenever I am craving sushi because they have the best sushi in Corpus hands down. It is so fresh it melts in your mouth. You don't even need soy sauce or anything to add to your food because it is flavor packed. Stop by here some time for a wonderful evening dinner, you will not regret it!

Sandra D.

So unfortunately, here's an update to review 26 days ago. We had a special occasion to celebrate last night and had a reservation for us at 6:00 Got there and surprisingly, for a Saturday night, It was dead. Our server took our drink orders as we waited for the last two to arrive Hubby ok with his, but my White Russian was NOTHING MORE than a watered-down milk and vodka with very very little Kahlua. HORRIBLE. Back it went. Ended up just water. We're then told for appetizers that they were out of some, so the girl with us that just wanted starters as her dinner was out of luck Friends got there and both ordered Palomas. They looked different and tasted different. A girl came out and said they were made front he same batch and all alcohol is measured. Yeah. No. One had a fresh slice of grapefruit and one had the pic below. So bad!!! Placed our orders after a long long wait, only to have the server come back and tell us they have no jasmine rice Seriously?!?! A Thai restaurant and you screwed up and have no jasmine rice? Got cold food a while later and called it a night. Won't return. Way to car off acceptable for us. No bartender, out of too much food and slow service with an empty restaurant.

Bernice A.

Food may be good or mediocre. Ordered twice from Grubhub, and they missed an order for both times. Please check your orders before you give them to your Grubhub driver.

Coco M.

The restaurant atmosphere is ok. Food is not very impressive. My expectation on my first order was set high when i was told how much their price is. I was so disappointed to see and taste my food. I hate to say but nothing is amazing or special except for their overpriced food and nice interior of the restaurant. There are better priced restaurant and more delicious food.

Cari M.

Really enjoyed the atmosphere and food. The staff was very friendly. If you like Thai food you should give it a try.

Brooke B.

Visiting Corpus to see friends and stumbled on BKK for a late night bite. Although we rolled up with casual dining in mind -- dressed in lazy loungewear -- the interior is so cute and posh and would be a great spot for a nice date night. The staff was very friendly and our food came out hot and quick. We started with veggie egg rolls (similar to harumaki) and seaweed salad. Then ordered the pad soo wen, and dragon roll. Thai noodles are prepared a little differently wherever you go, just the nature of the dish. BKK's take on the popular dish was 10/10. Everything ordered was very flavorful, but note on the dragon roll: it was good? but topped with eel, which is all bones. not sure if that's how it supposed to be as it was our first time trying eel but When in Rome. and by Rome I mean Corpus. I took one star off because the portion sizes were a little small. Just one. Really great experience overall! We plan to come back and sit at the bar

Laura Guillen

Excellent food, quality service, great atmosphere... aesthetically pleasing which definitely adds to the ambiance!We started with the Summer Rolls (fresh ingredients!) before moving on to the Pineapple & Yellow Curry.... did NOT disappoint & this had become my new go-to!

george pearson

I had the Angus Steak salad which was prepared perfectly. The steak was tender, juicy, and tasted great. I would recommend this place next time you are in the mood for something different.

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