2870 Heritage Trace Pkwy, Fort Worth
(817) 750-2440

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Harchit Kaur

Heads down Chilck fil A is killing it in both the food and customer service departments. My order looks just like the picture, and the employees are so kind and helpful. AND, I ALWAYS get everything I ask for. Best fast food chain around. Miles away from the competition.

Moriah L.

Nice staff and good food (obvi) but they've never gotten my order correct the first time when catering for small work meetings. It's either not the right amount/size or somethings missing or just something wrong with the order.

Haley B.

CFA is always good! Good food and good service. Just what you expect from Chick Fil A.

jerry schroy

Inside dining has resumed. The location to receive curbside delivery has moved. Staff is friendly as always. Food was hot and tasty.

Mary Smith

Ordered from my app. Told me the only options for pick up are the drive through. When I arrived at the restaurant, pulled into the extremely LONG line I realized the restaurant is now open for dining. After waiting 35 minutes in line my fries were cold and my salad was full of hard core uneatable pieces. I don’t care how close they are to my residence I will not be visiting again.


I went thru the drive and I order a 10 piece nugget and with large frie and a large coke when I got my order they mess up my order instead of a coke they give me a dr.pepper and fries box was almost empty!

Findley Flanagan

I love Chick-fil-A they have the best customer service of any fast food place and consistently good food.

Krystle Bryson

I would usually recommend any place I eat but I said no today merely for the fact that my condiments I order with my food are ALWAYS left out when I order from this location. Yes, I am doing a bad review for condiments because I don't like ranch and when I ask for 8 packs of mayo, I am given ranch instead and my kids didn't even get the ketchup we ask for. I don't keep that stuff at my house because we don't use alot of it at home so it goes bad.

Nathaniel Lacey

This is the best place. They are super kind, and they cashiers are so polite. The service is fast. The table and floor is spotless and they have a play place for the littles. It is also dine-in.

John Curtis

We ordered 4 grilled chicken sandwiches, 2 teas and 4 sauces. Food was great just wish the had remembered my sauce. Friendly service!

Ashley Druien

This Chick-fil-A is one of our favorite locations. The service is always quick and friendly (even with a mask on).Every item on the menu is a great selection and our entire household has a new obsession with the Cookies & Cream Milkshake!!!


There are occasions when an establishment is so exceptional that a 5-star rating they cannot be denied. Such was the case on this visit. I drove up on this visit greeted by the peak-time system of tablet-wielding professionals coming to you before you even arrive at the order console. Even at the mere potential of inconvenience, Chick-fil-A comes to YOU. Upon completing my order, the young gentleman advised that turning it into a meal would be cheaper. My eyebrows raised. I then subsequently made my way through the converging lane to the left turn. As I straightened my car to align with the delivery window, my acquaintance that so fastidiously received my order approached to greet me with my order in hand. Were there twins working that day? Did the singular employee walk the other side of the restaurant to the delivery window, obtain my order, and then deliver it to me directly, or has Chick-fil-A learned how to teleport people and decided to preserve it for their customers? I may never know. What I do know is that the waffle fries were delicious, the nuggets distinct, and the chicken sandwich refined.

Melissa Hamilton

There really isn't much more to say about Chick-fil-A that hasn't already been said. It's delicious food, they get you through the drive-thru like a well-oiled machine! Like it's just amazing. I love the company! It's just perfect!

Austin Hanson

Didn’t get us our whole order. However they’re being nice and getting us what they kissed and comping us with a chicken sandwich

Amy Cecil

It's time to open up the dining room, folks! Something held up our order, so we waited for over 10 minutes in the pull-ahead parking. We appreciate the free-sandwich coupon but would have preferred our food to not have taken so long! On a hot TX day, our medium drinks were empty by the time the food arrived!

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