3001 Amador Dr, Fort Worth
(817) 741-6090

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Celeste Walls-Mcdaniels

Great service and great food. Loved the vibe in there

Fred Porter

Disappointed for the first time tonight. Normally curbside pickup is great even when they are super busy. And food is always good. Not tonight. Took over an hour and the fajitas for 2 was barely enough for 1. It was the only food item as well. It also seemed like it was cooked earlier today and sat.

Sandra Y Berry

I love the food and fun atmosphere at Chuy’s plus their Margaritas rock!! Workers are amazing and they are attentive to your needs and it’s just a fun place

Kat S.

I recently found out they make their Fresca twice sometimes more a day. No wonder it's always fresh and amazing! That's taking pride in your quality right there! Bravo!

Emerson Trio

I mean you can’t go wrong with Chuy’s Mexican food! Fajitas are always good, all the tacos, burritos, enchiladas, down to the soup! You won’t be disappointed, especially when sitting at the bar area. Good food, good people, and good drinks!

Jarrod Johnston

Love Chuy's! This place can get real busy, but if you hit it at right time, it's worth the wait. Service was excellent tonight and food was good. I love their Pico salsa, has a nice little kick.For my entree I had the steak burrito. It was huge! Save room if you plan to eat it. It was excellent especially with the Hatch chili sauce. To top it off we had the Tres Leche. I can't say enough about how good it was, but the picture should give you an idea!

Jodi Wood

Perfect service, perfect food. Fajitas are a favorite as well as the chuyichanga with steak. Cam is an exceptional server. We will be back!

Michelle Fisher

Order a salad a week ago. When placing the order I clarified three times that I wanted sliced avocado on my salad. They said they got it. Picked it up to go and asked the girl that handing me my salad if there was avocado on my salad and she stated yes. Got home and guess what NO avocado. Called the manager who was very nice and told me whenever I could come back over that he would give me another salad. Well went today and the avocado that was on the salad was Brown and black! Couldn’t even eat the salad. The chicken was in pieces and dry whereas on the first salad it was sliced chicken and tender. Intentional? Thanks

Julian Leisure

Half way through our meal my daughter was stuck by a sharp object in her meal. Also found soggy chicken skin in her meal as well. At that point we (4 of us) lost our appetites. The waitress Sarah was awesome and went to let the on duty manager know. The manager came and apologized about the soggy chicken skin in the meal but did not mention anything about the sharp object. She comped my daughters meal. We paid, left, and will not be back

Darian Corona

Fantastic food and good service! I love going around 11/1130 because there's no wait!

Zion Thomas

Always good the servers were able to handle a large party with ease. They were very professional, but also humorous at the same time. They didn't crack under pressure either.

Meredith K.

If I could give zero stars I would everything from appetizers to entrees were cold even told the waiter our food was cold just walked away and said nothing he did ask us at the end of our meal if we would like togo boxes lol even throughout the course of our meal never asked if we wanted refills on our drinks or dessert he just said the kitchen was closed anyway we passed on the togo boxes because honestly our dogs wouldn't even eat that SLOP they served us will never return fair warning to all who read this review

Ian Heydecke

The food was good and at a great price!!! Plenty of chips and salsa they give you before you order your meal. Delicious Tex Mex meal


Margaritas are good and strong. Service is friendly and the food is really good. I'm usually not big on Tex-Mex but I'll make an exception for this establishment.

Joshua H.

We love Chuy's and because of that the rating gets 3 stars but only eat here in person! Do not, I repeat DO NOT order online and pick up. I have done this 4x and each time it takes 20-30 minutes longer then when they tell you to be there so you just sit in your car for 30 minutes. It is frustrating and annoying. They also are always stingy with salsa on pick up. The whole pick up experience is just really bad. So go in person and order some queso and something with hatch green chilies

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