Hatsuyuki Handroll Bar

907 Foch St, Fort Worth
(817) 720-5330

Recent Reviews

Amy Smith

Excellent service and food!!!!

Cindy Thanapaisal

The restaurant is so clean and nice. Long wait but worth it

Nina Dolly Vongphinith

Very Yummy! Recommend this spot, top A quality sashimi

Sarah Morgeson

Go for the experience and the food! Ended up ordering waaay more than intended simply because it was so delicious. Reasonable price for fresh sushi. It was amazing!

Phil Carlisle

Delightful in every way, truly a wonderful dining experience. It’s been perfect every time we have been since around the time they opened.

Melissa T

Everything was delicious! Don't leave without trying the Wagyu with Uni on top. This spot is great for a quick bit, light lunch etc. Super small menu, I recommend you go with the chef's choice if your not picky with your sushi. The restaurant has like 25 seats total, all on the bar top so does not lend well to large groups. Also, food comes out in small bites at a time so not a place if your looking to have a big sit down dinner. Great local spot!

Dan L.

My wife and I found this place randomly on Yelp and found it to be a pretty good place. The restaurant fills up quickly and I can tell it is a very popular place. The sushi was quite fresh and very high quality. The interior was nicely designed and the chefs cut the fish in front of the customers so it is an interesting dining experience. I took off one star because this place is a little pricey and the server kept trying to upsell us. With tip, I ended up spending $80 on lunch for two people and we didn't have any alcohol.

Deb Clif

Best sushi we had in years! Everything comes in fresh daily. Definitely a little different then we’re used to. Not as many crazy sushi creations but it was so good. They literally cook the shrimp and eel right in front of you. I would recommend the lobster, the shrimp, and pick at least one special. We had the red shrimp. Great job to this place, we wish we lived in the area.

Diem L.

Service was good. The food always tastes fresh and delicious. This is a must go to place for me whenever I am in town.

Lee Cam

Small, quaint sushi bar. Had the chef's special(which varies day by day). The service was good, informative, attended to every thing we needed. The food was wonderful, definitely not your average sushi. Not everything was high priced, they have simpler menus and options. Highly recommended.

Jeff McHugh

What a great sushi spot! Very unique restaurant layout and amazing hand rolls! The staff was friendly and helpful. Give it a try!

Mat Marvin

Amazing handrail restaurant.Offers a standard menu and a specials menu if you are feeling adventurous. Sake list is on point. We had Red Snapper Carpaccio and it was honestly amazing. Great effort by the Employee to accommodate my partner who was "Sushi Nervous". Awesome experience. 10/10 will return.

Ann N

Tried it for the first time today. Hands down my fav spot for sushi ever! Simple sushi the way I like itThat was yesterday comment. I went back today with my boyfriend and the people that came after us were served before us. 1 group with 3 people and 1 other person alone. If you are gluten free, they will accommodate but will set your order back. I'm not sure if that was the only reason tho but it wasn't cool to see a lot of chief free but our food is only served by 1 person and the whole experience was just sad.

Cat N.

I sat outside because it was an hour wait. They cut up the hand rolls for me. I didn't mind it cut up. The ice green tea matcha needed sugar to make it sweet. I wasn't too impressed but also was not disappointed. The experience was just ok. The rolls range from ok to good. Prices are reasonable for six rolls.

Cody Kyrk

While the wait can be long depending on how many people are there and the price may be higher than the average sushi restaurant, it is absolutely worth it. The waiter gives great suggestions on what to try, the chefs make the food in front of you and you get it fast, but 1-3 pieces at a time so it doesn't feel overwhelming. The food itself is absolutely delicious; their salmon just melts in your mouth. Will definitely be back.

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