Kintaro Ramen

2801 W 7th St, Fort Worth
(817) 887-9013

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Jeremy Gomes

My wife and I just went here for the first time. We ordered two appetizers in two entrees. They were delicious, based on the food I would have given a five-star review, however the food did not come out in the right order. We got one appetizer, then a few minutes later we got one of the entrees and the other appetizer at the same time, and 5 minutes later the other entree was delivered. Would have much preferred better timing on food delivery but as I said the food was delicious.

Julia “jrose” Rosenblum

Very good and rich broth and noodles, I got the miso ramen and the tonkotsu was wonderful but unfortunately the chicken was undercooked. I got takeout so I heated it up some at home but it was a little disappointing. One concern: When I went to pick up my food I noticed that none of the staff, including those in the kitchen preparing the food, were wearing masks or gloves of any kind.

Ashley Hickey

Great food! Friendly staff! Awesome place to have date night! Definitely recommend!

Wanda Inglese

Excellent ramen bowls! Order your meal section right at kiosk and go to your table to get it served right to you! We will definitely be back soon!

Mirta Guzman

I've lived in fort worth for 8 years and finally found good ramen! Sooooo good. Nice staff. Super clean. Thank you !!!!

Brian Townsend

The service was wonderful, very informative. 100% THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON 7TH STREET! The food was PHENOMENAL! Hands down the best Ramen I've had in Fort Worth. I will be returning with my whole family.

AG Jones

Incredible ramen, the atmosphere was nice even though it was really late which is a plus in my book since I work nights.

Trang Nguyen

I tried Kintaro ramen back in a February and was underwhelmed with both the tonkotsu and karashi miso ramens. I remember the tonkotsu broth being a little flat and the miso was too salty; Pretty average ramen.Decided to try it again last night to-go and got the Karashi tonkotsu instead. It was a bit better in flavor than what I had previously tried, but still average. After digging through my whole bowl, came to find that it didn’t come with the soft boiled eggs and came with the smallest pieces of pork belly. However, their noodles, both thick and thin, were great, loved the texture. The chicken karaage (not pictured) is also very good and tender.The staff is very nice and the place is clean, I know the kiosk set up works for a lot of people, but I don’t think I’ll come back here.

Petra N.

Alright.. alright.. here we go.. So here is the thing about this place; you have to order the food yourself in a tablet! So no one really know what to order, as to there are no guidance. So if you are not a ramen addict like myself, you probably order miso, or tonkotsu just a regular basic ramen. Most people would probably order miso which in my opinion have no taste whatsoever. And again; no server to ask "what's your favorite" or "what do people get here" so it's really hard to navigate. Which I get it, they did it to the ONI ramen that was here before. They started w tablet thing, and then they actually moved to having a server and a bar and then closed down and it's Kintaro now. Anyhow. Order tonkotsu w black garlic lard, and garlic purée and extra bamboo when you're here. I guarantee it will change your experience. And on the app I usually ordered their chicken karage which is always delish! And can never go wrong w edamame right? So service can be a bit slow on some day. Usually lunch hours. But for the most part it usually come out in about 15-20mnts from the time your order are in! But they are really good at getting your drinks order though! So gotta give and take right?

Molly M.

Worst experience I've ever had , when I asked to speak to a manager, she didn't care that her gyoza was waaaay too gummy (I just wanted to replace the 3 that were gummy) she went ahead and said she would replace it & when I asked for it to be fried on both sides she said that's just not what we do or how we cook it ... then says theres no way to customize that... before that she asked me to flip the gyoza to reveal the ONE SIDE that was fried and obviously my problem was not, that they DIDNT FRY IT. , I just asked for it to be fried on BOTH SIDES (it was too gummy & was it really that hard to do ?) , either way this lady was rude, unprofessional and condescending. I feel bad for the young lady who was thrown on the floor, when it was very apparent that, she was a new hire. The only employee that had some type of decent customer service was the gentleman at the cashier box he apologized to me over and over for his MANAGERS BEHAVIOR. So so disappointed in this place. UPDATE : response to the ridiculous explanation @ Kintaro ramen : regardless if that's traditional or not it's not hard to flip it over and fry it if I asked but regardless the attitude was horrible and the service was trash, I don't care to come to a place where theyre ready to be rude and condescending. You should look at cameras and see how patient we were being, before we voiced our opinions....

Cindy P.

I'll keep this one short and simple! Mediocre ramen.. none of us finished our ramen. Staff is nice but I'm not sure that I would come back. The food wasn't great and the ambiance could be better. I would suggest changing up the chicken for the chicken ramen.. it was very underwhelming. Appetizers weren't bad though!

Alex Layton

We have followed the chef here from day 1 when it was Oni, and it never disappoints. We are repeat customers for YEARS. He is a mastermind in his food and I can’t ever get enough! Those that are leaving 1 star reviews are likely Karen’s who expect everything perfect 24/7 and are entitled.


The people who work at Kintaro are very friendly and personable, and the food is delicious! Thank you ☺️

Bronwyn ST

This was our first visit to a Japanese style noodle house which was the perfect wrap-up to a day at the Japanese gardens just down road (see Ft Worth Bonitanical Gardens). We tried to order a bit of everything so my 8 year old foodie partner in crime could explore.Everything was fresh and fast. Staff was patient with our very slow lunch as we kept ordering a bit of this and that. The noodle bowls are huge so you might want to order half size if you plan to try lots of other small items.

Logan Mehaffey

Service was amazing food was a 8/10 I would definitely eat here again

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