Stevie's Diner

5500 N Tarrant Pkwy #132, Fort Worth
(817) 656-0822

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Imaginaton Blueprints

Stevie's Diner was amazing and the service was great, nice little place with cool decor and tasty food. The hashbrowns eggs toast sausage and 'The Elvis' my wife got were SO good, definitely will be coming back for breakfast/lunch.

Lee Collins

Wanted classic turkey club with fries. Everything was delicious. Service was fast. Seating was full but cleaned and set in no time. You know it's good when tables were filling up faster then they emptied but no long wait. Looking forward to next stop. Has the 80s nostalgia around which is neat. I would take my parents next time in town.

Raine L

Just stopped by brand new customer never been here looking for a Belgian waffle. I was met at the door 15 minutes before closing to tell me they were all ready closed well clearly they make so much money they don't don't need any new customers. That's a Hugh turn off won't ever be back.

Angie P.

We love Stevie's Diner! It has an old school feel to it with lots of nostalgic memorabilia. Everything we've tried there is delish, but our faves are the coffee and home fries. Try it out, you will love it too!

Laura P.

Hands down our favorite breakfast spot! It's out of the way for our family but totally worth the drive---especially because the nostalgic decor and music spark so many memories and conversations. If you were born in the 1960s, it's likely you will see a toy you used to have or the cover of an album you loved. The food is delicious, the service is friendly and they will keep your coffee cup full!

Esme P.

I love Stevie's Diner. We've been there twice and they staff is always so pleasant and the food is super good! I'm not a breakfast person but I am always down to come here! The decor is very interesting, I could stare at the walls and ceilings for a long time while we wait for out food. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

Susie Barlow Van Winkle

Love this restaurant. The decor takes me back to my childhood. The service is awesome and friendly.

Schaefer Barron

Awesome spot! Service was perfectly timed, not too many, and not ignored. This place has all the classic diner food, yet like some diners had a somewhat smaller menu. This however is not a bad thing, what it lacked in menu items it made up for quality of ingredients. I'm talking handmade biscuits, fresh homemade home fries

Shelley Rounds

Everything's microwaved! You can hear that microwave going constantly and so other than the staff being extremely pleasant I don't really understand how they can be out of food and or think that we want everything microwave just like the way we would do at home.The price point and experience does not suit the expectation that's for sure!

Ankleasaurus Rex

Food was very good, a little pricey for what it is..... ? were perfect, French toast was very well made as well! service was ok, nothing special. Decorated very nice. Enjoyed my visit overall

Dianna Smith

Cute place full of vintage memorabilia complete with a juke box filled with the best of the oldies! Food was good, yet the most I've ever paid for breakfast at a diner.

Eric Arteaga

Really cool rock and roll themed diner with great food.

Ian T.

Food was ok, but portions were skimpy. They don't know what the word smothered means for their biscuits and gravy. Waitress never came back to fill coffee or water. They charged us extra to substitute home fries for french fries. Will not be coming back and do not recommend.

Austin Hesebeck

Most of the food was ok, not bad but not great. Went because of the reviews on the pancakes. They had a cake batter type flavor to them and we're tasty but there was a long hair in mine. Ruined anything good they had going for them. Will not return.

Lori T.

Have gone here several times for breakfast. Great food and friendly staff! Cool decor to look at while waiting for your food.

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