The Crab Station - Fort Worth Presidio

2701 Bello, Jean Hills Ln #131, Fort Worth
(682) 708-5521

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Zwindi B.

Services is great but food is disappointed Jambalaya and etouffe were tomatoes base not a Louisiana. I can tell the only good stuff is boiled seafood The garlic Parmesan appetizer was gpod

Jodi G.

Outstanding!! First time here, very casual place. Great attentive service. Great food. If you like eating with your fingers, this is the place! We started off with the Killer was good, but would like more meat, less breading. I had the small Bering Sea Sack (crab cluster, shrimp & sausage), so much food, and so good! You're also able to choose the level of spiciness/heat to your meal. My husband had the Seafood Jambalaya, the flavor was so tasty. Again great size portions. This looks like a fun place to come with a group of friends. Look forward to going back and try other menu items.

Lizett N.

Went there not too long ago and it was so EFFING GOOOOOOD it's so nice to have a good ass seafood place near me with great food, great drinks and great workers ! definitely recommend as i am returning soon(;

Pang Nhia Burke

This place was okay - we actually came here by accident trying to get to another seafood place. The flavor was on point BUT you can tell the crabs and snow crabs were over cooked and dry. The crawfish tastes frozen and the shrimp was over cooked. It was so soft that I could t even peel and eat the shrimp. I feel like we wasted almost $200. The oyster was decent and that’s the only think that was good. We do not recommend this place especially if you know how good seafood boil should taste.


This place was good at first and has went down hill. The prices are really inflated I get an increase due to the times and demand but sheesh! And the burger my son ordered was a frozen patty for sure and the bun was dry and stale. I was not impressed with the crab bucket I received a very small sausage that looked old water logged potatoes and crab just wasn't as good as it was before. I will not be returning.

Ne Ne Martin

I have been to this location twice in 1week

Candice Brown

My husband and I ate lunch here the other day. The calamari was pretty disappointing. It was small but it wasn’t over cooked or dry. I didn’t care for the sauce that was served with it. He had the garlic noodles with lobster. He liked it, I didn’t. The market prices are high right now but the crab, corn, potatoes, and sausage were delicious. They don’t serve coke products and my husband is weird about Sierra Mist. The service was good but it was clear we were first timers and I felt like he was pressuring us to order. There were 2 other tables in there at that time so there was no need for that. I’m a seafood fan so I will most definitely give it another go. I didn’t get photos of the entrees because I was gloved up and face first in crab. Sorry lol


I liked this place before. But their prices raised ridiculously high. Crab legs have market price, so you don't see it on menu. My last visit I have paid double compare to what I have paid before. Very sad. According to manager they can't do much about it, so bad experience.

Tom A.

If you like playing with your food I have your joint. This place has alot to offer but I come here for the beer and bags of steamed seafood. You have butter flavored to super spicy. I love the heat but kazam sauce is as hot as I can stand. Start lower than you think. We get crab legs and shrimp. They also have clams and mussels. We generally start with oysters on the half shell. Great food and services is quick. They have a ton on the menu don't let my choices stop you. Can't wait to drink some beer and have shrimp and mussels on a Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you here! We will be back!

Sharon Rennea Martin

Good food fast services nice workers

alex vitte

I read many positive reviews so we were excited to try this place. We went on a Sunday, it wasn't crowded but service did take a while. I didn't get napkins until we got the check. We ordered a dozen oysters and they arrived with the ice pretty melted, and they didn't taste that fresh. We also got an order of calamari which was really good but extremely small, the smallest I've ever had at any restaurant.

Jessica C.

There are absolutely nooooo complaints on the service or the food! I sat at the bar & the waitress was very welcoming.

Curtis M.

Food was mediocre. The experience was made worse by find a hair in my french fries. The waitress offered to remake it, but my food didn't come out until after my date had finished her dinner. Did not much of an apology from management.

Chase Bryant

Snow crab legs are the best. If you’re looking for a good boiled seafood place, this is the spot.


I'll be trying other dishes from there soon.First time to visit this restaurant although I used to live within 5 miles of it. We moved to a new location 20 miles away and decided to give our old places a try since COVID restrictions have lifted. This place is FANTASTIC in taste and portions. I did the shrimp and clam scampi dish and am now addicted to that dish. A little bit spicey and full of flavour. I'll be trying other dishes from there soon.

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