Crawfish Connection LLC

2020 N Houston Ave, Humble
(832) 359-5424

Recent Reviews

steven couthen

Good place to go if you don't have the time to purge the crawfish!

Sharon Barlow

Yum yum yum that dam spicy is spicy nose running and still eating lol keep up the good wk John and crew

Tanya Edmond

We paid for 3 special and a person in the group ordered 1 pound of crawfish and the. Once she realized we had paid for her original order she called. He wouldn't refund her for the order. Crawfish where but the management sucks

Harry Israel

Quick and easy drive through pick up of orders. No need to call ahead unless more than 30 lbs. Good sized crawfish. We had to make our own garlic butter dip though.

Michael Dillard

Excellent and friendly customer service from the ladies. Food brought out in a timely manner. Packaging did not leak on 30 minutes drive home. Crawfish, crab, sausage, potatoes, and corn were all huge and plentiful. Seasoning was on point. 5 stars and 100% would recommend.

Ruby Thompson

The crawfish are always fresh. I love the level of spice. The employees are amazing. They're always sweet and helpful.

Creative Catastrophe

I ate here with some friends on Sunday 4/25/21 Everything was quite good except the corn on cob is way over cooked to the point of being extremely chewy, no pop of juice from any kernel or sweet flavor one would expect to get from the first to the last bite of corn. I only bit it once, ughhhh. Since I had bought and payed for extra corn with my order I told the server that is was way over cooked and chewy and asked if she could bring another order. She was very pleasant and professional...the second order came to the table the exact same way. I didn’t even bother saying anything, I just didn’t eat it. My guess is they don’t eat corn and have no clue that it’s supposed to be juicy and sweet and they just have no clue how to prepare corn on the cob. i look forward to my corn when doing the crawfish boil setup! I would definitely revisit and give them a second chance since everything else was good, but learn how to cook corn on cob it’s really very simple, but u guys are cooking it wayyyyyyy too long! It’s not edible! Would have been 5 stars otherwise!

Juana Almeida

Deliciously spicy, just the way I like my mud bugs.


Excellent crawfish and friendly service.

Tiffany Tyus

My go to spot in humble. By far the best crawfish in humble... I have tried all of the other spots and Crawfish connection just out do everyone. Season perfect. Clean not gritty and the have 3pound special

Destiny A.

I've got to say , this is usually my crawfish spot but today was not it they were big but the flavor wasn't good . There was no flavor the crawfish tasted nasty . I called to see what's going on because this is just nasty I spent my hard earned money on this and it's nasty . All the manager said was that they were big so the flavor didn't reach the crawfish . How is that if I go to other crawfish places with bigger crawfish and the taste is good ?

Nick Ontiveros

Best crawfish around. Haven't found anyone who compares.

Elizabeth Lopez

They got the best flavor in town! ??

Richy S.

We went yesterday and ordered the 10 lb family deal! It was delicious, only good and bad thing is we asked for spicy & they gave us exactly that. In a good and bad way. We were not able to finish it because of how extremely spicy it turned out to be. So I would suggest thinking twice before requesting spicy. This is the most spicy I've ever gotten when asking for it. Definitely think it was over done, but again we asked for spicy and they gave us that. Overall food was delicious and they had our order fresh and ready very quickly!

Steven David

Just finished the best crawfish that I ever had and the owner John and his waitstaff are the most friendly, welcoming group of people that I was helped by and will recommend them to everyone I know and I am all ready to go back again.... Best in Houston for sure !!!

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