Black Bear Diner

24600 Katy Fwy Ste 900, Katy
(281) 574-7902

Recent Reviews

Malorie Cunningham

Delicious food, great service, great atmosphere

Joann Gosa

Very good restaurant and the food was delicious..

Houston Brown

OK, this place is awesome. Food choices abound, from breakfast (all day) to dinner. There were a lot of vegetarian options too. Service to go (at the car) was fast, prompt, and very cordial. Food quality is very good, with many of the choices really outstanding. One huge surprise was the beef brisket. It is really good, much more what one would have expected from a BBQ diner. Loaded potato was great (not tasting like the potato had waited a long time!), burgers were good, veggie burger was great. Breakfast items like the scramble and omelet were all good too. Try this place.

David Chang

This is the best diner I had in Houston. The portion are big and most important their stuff taste good. Environment is really clean with this newspaper menu and black bears everywhere. Their service are also good. We ask for hot water but they gave tea bags. The fried chicken steak is not dry at all. Definitely coming back and will try their prime rib next time

Maria Medvedeva

Good family oriented diner. Big portions, great breakfasts. I had the eggs Benedict - perfect toasted muffin and poached eggs. My friends had the eggs and spicy sausage, burger and fries, and not pictured, but the kids were able to split the kids plate of a pancakes stack, bacon and eggs.

Vanessa R.

Food okay. Service okay. Price okay, a little more high dollar. Waited to pay at counter, no one there. Overall experience just "OKAY"

Branston Rush

MUST TRY IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN! Can get busy on weekends but not too long of a wait & their text notification system for waiting is convenient. The quality of ingredients in their food is wonderful. The biscuits are HUGE!! And the BEST my wife & I have ever had. The give you the option of toast or biscuit along with your other breakfast meal side & let me tell you... the serving size is for about 3 people... OR A BIG HUNGRY BEAR LIKE MYSELF!! So awesome!!! PRICES ARE FANTASTIC!! Black Bear Diner is a homerun out of the ballpark kind of experience for anyone who loves a down home cooked meal with a cozy setting. I had the Denver omelet meal and they were more than gracious with the amount of toppings & inner filling ingredients. Be sure to stop by their souvenir corner for some rad bear themed gifts or grab a piece of or a whole pie or dessert before leaving. Their food is TO DIE FOR!! My wife says they have the best chicken fried steak you'll ever have. I agree and they have the best white country gravy you'll ever put over the best biscuit you'll ever devour. ALL UNDER ONE ROOF AT THE BLACK BEAR DINER. ONLY COMPLAINT IS I LIVE 3 HOURS AWAY -_-

Kinsey L.

I used to enjoy eating here. The wait staff were always friendly and attentive. However my husband's health has declined and we're no longer go out to eat. We've ordered pick up and door dashed from black bear. When I went to pick up, I went to the area where it says pick up orders since I didn't know my food would be sitting on a bench in the open. The girl at the register was trying to fix something so I stood in front of her waiting for her to finish so I could get my order. She didn't look up or say one word to me. But as soon as another woman walked up next to me, the girl behind the register asked how she could help her. When we started ordering through door dash, I started noticing the quality was getting worse and worse. Our food was always cold by the time it arrived. Not surprising since they leave orders waiting to be picked up in the lobby on a bench. One time our order was missing my husbands oatmeal but he didn't really care. But this last time was ridiculous. We were missing my hash browns, oatmeal AGAIN and a drink. Get your together black bear!

Hannia L.

Place is really nice inside. The food is really good too the pancakes are my favorite! The portions are good too for the price. Just be cautious of how much you order because the plates are huge! One big plate feeds a small village.

Burnt O.

I've always enjoyed Black Bear Diner in Katy, TX. But when a male friend of mine used the restroom at the restaurant and witnessed one of the bus boys/dish washers not wash his hands after taking a dump, I've changed my mind about ever eating there again. My friend asked the young man if he was going to wash his hands and the bus boy stated "I just wash dishes". So, he felt it would be okay to go about his business with unclean hands and wash the dishes we eat off of. This is very unfortunate. BBD, please instruct your employees how important it is to be clean.

Eduardo Soliz

Good food and plenty of it! The service could have been a little better but given current events I'll give them another shot next time I'm in the area. Love the decor! ?

jesus garza

Definitely the best place for breakfast. Used to go to Black Bear Diner in Cali all the time, and one of the restaurants I miss, so was so excited to see it here in Katy TX.

Tom Thornton

What a amazing diner! The food was fantastic. our girls loved their food and My wife and I shared a burger it was fantastic! Our server Jayden was outstanding!!

Tracy Patterson

This was my first time here and I was very impressed with the my server Brenda. Her customer service was superb. It makes a big difference when you have ppl like that represented your business. We need more people like that. Brenda exceeded all expectations in great customer service and I will be back. Thanks Brenda for making my day. All Accolades to her.

Anthony G.

Took my wife for breakfast. Server was very friendly. Restaurant was clean. The food was delicious and a good value as it pertains to cost versus portion size. Between my wife and I, we got waffles, French toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage. Everything was good, but the bacon is something dreams are made of.

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