Phat Eatery

23119 Colonial Pkwy suite b-2, Katy
(832) 913-6382

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Jerry W.

Our first visit. We had: Roti with Chicken Curry Dip, Kerabu Prawn, Siu Mai Dim Sum, and Beef Rendang. Everything was delicious and we received great service from Jay. The atmosphere was very nice as well. Phat Eatery earned a place on my own personal "A List" and we are looking forward to coming back. The only suggestion I would make is to get a little larger water glasses.

Thomas S.

No need to drive to Houston Chinatown for good Malaysian foods if you live in the Katy area. We tried the roti canai, kerabu pawns, Malaysian chicken curry, and curry laksa noodle. The foods came out quick even though the place was packed. Everything were delicious and the spice/heat level was perfect. Portions were appropriate for the prices. Food prices were higher than Houston Chinatown, but rent probably was higher in the new Katy Chinatown. Table service was extremely friendly and attentive. All the employees were masked and most tables were not too close to each other. I hope Phat will get adventurous and expand the menu. The family and I know the Phat chefs have the abilities to tease and satisfy our palates even more.

Jess K.

This is a must try!!! Love this place. Took the family here for lunch and everyone enjoyed their meal. My favorite so far has been the chicken curry. Great service every time and the portions are huge.

Shang W.

Food tastes great. Nice atmosphere. Very friendly servers. We ordered the haiwanese chicken and the chicken curry. Wife said the haiwanese chicken was very good and even better with the sauce. My chicken curry had very good flavor, and the only thing I would do differently next time is ask them to make it even spicier. Overall a great place to eat lunch.

Sylvia W.

I read all the one star reviews here and they all said the same thing as what I'm about to say: not authentic Malaysian flavors. Only Malaysians will know lol but seems like non Malaysians love this place judging by all the good reviews. Sad.... Misrepresentation of what Malaysian food should taste like :( Hokkien noodles - bland without "wok hay" flavor Mee goreng - doesn't taste close to the real thing and very sour Laksa noodles - doesn't taste like laksa The only good dish was the tofu dish. That is close to what I used to have in Malaysia but why put edamame lol???? Again not really authentic I give 2 stars because I appreciate the good quality environmental friendly to-go packaging and utensils TLDR; they do a good job accommodating Malaysian food to local/American taste buds but do not come here expecting real authentic Malaysian flavors

Esther C.

What a fantastic find! I haven't had Malaysian food since I lived in NJ and this really brought me back. The roti cani is delicious and comes with two roti pieces, so perfect to share with another person. I really enjoyed the green beans made non spicy (friend's choice). We also had the Beef Rendang which is a type of beef and potato stew/curry. It was also very good. Everyone was ordering the sizzling beef with black pepper dish. It must be good because I heard the sizzling sound at every table. I will try this next! The decor is cute as well. It looks like you are eating at an outdoor Asian street vendor. A very fun surprise in the suburbs of Katy.

Frankie G.

Solid food, great service and ice cold water! All Thai/Malaysian food that I have had in Houston has been mediocre but this place is delicious! Definitely one of my favorite places I have had in Houston. All the flavors were on point and the roti was amazing! Looking forward to eating here again.

Jennifer G.

Wow! Very interesting restaurant. Looks like a Malaysian street food vendor complete with neon signs. Plenty to choose from on the menu, and specials for restaurant week. We choose the "feed me" option for $45 you get a 6 course tasting menu. Every item was incredibly good. The fried tofu with the bubbling sauce was our favorite.

Karen D.

Been here on a couple of occasions and really enjoyed both times. Their dim sum (shrimp dumplings and har gau) are really good. Also had their char kway teow (flat noodle, shrimp, clamari, sausage, bean sprouts, egg, chives), which was a pretty big portion and very flavorful with just the right amount of kick. Their roti canai (indian flat bread) is a must-try. The perfect carb to complement whatever you order. Also had the Hainanese chicken, which was tender and an absolute delight. Service was friendly and ambiance is simple and clean.

Brandi K.

This is my first time ever trying Phat Eatery, but I wanted to try it because it was so raved about. It was really busy that night, so service was really slow. So my family tried, the satay skewers and it was a hit. We also tried, the phat dim sum platter, salt and pepper calamari, those were so good. The milk tea and Yelo lemon tea are amazing! Definitely, try the pandan ice cream if you have room to spare! I'm not quite sure if our server was having a bad night or overwhelmed, but he was rude when my sister had asked for some to go boxes. I just want to thank John Henry for making that night memorable. You really lighten up the mood with your jokes, but thank you for making yesterday night a good one.

Tessa R.

sheeeeeeesshhhhh... that sh*t bussin bussin! don't be shy go and eat here delicious food and good service

Steven T.

Very tasty dinner! My family and I shared the following dishes: Roti Canai (4/5): You can't go wrong with crispy, delicate roti dipped in rich yellow curry. I must say though the portion was small compared to other Malaysian restaurants. Kerabu Prawn (3.5/5): man those prawns were very good. Very meaty with no signs of fishiness whatsoever. However, I wasn't a huge fan of the papaya salad that lay on top of the prawns. Yes, it did add an element of freshness to the dish but imo I wasn't wowed by it. Haiwanese Chicken (5/5): A++. Probably my current favorite hainan chicken in Houston slightly edging Pappa Rich in Bellaire. The pairing of poached chicken with the fragrant rice is a match made in heaven! It also comes with 3 different sauces (ginger, sambal sauce, and dark soy sauce?) served in a ramekin for you to dip the chicken. A MUST TRY dish Beef Rendang (4.5/5): The biggest surprise of this dish was the crispy potato wedges that lay underneath the beef coated with all that amazing sauce. Also A MUST TRY dish. Pineapple fried rice (5/5) I underestimated this dish. We bought this for our toddlers to eat but man... their pineapple fried rice is AMAZING. Definitely the most underrated dish out of the others we tried. Laksa (3/5): Noodles weren't Al Dente and got soggy fast. Not the most memorable dish out of all the foods we tried. Cool ambiance, Friendly staff, great food, PHAT Eatery has the whole package of a 5 star review! Definitely coming back to try their other unique dishes. (Forgot to take pictures again :( )

Gillian Young

First visit. Food was Yummy, vibe was great and service was outstanding!

Candy Kriska

Server was very helpful in helping me decide on an entree. I had the Malaysian curry chicken. so fresh and delicious! (ABF and free range chickens!) My son had Malaysian milk tea and I enjoyed the iced lemon tea. They make these fresh and you can taste the freshness. Wonderful place, will go again!!

Judy C.

First HRW of the year and first time trying! The portion size looked small to the eye, however we were very full after and even took home left overs! The roti and both lamb + beef had great flavors and the meat were super tender. The shrimp and papaya salad skewers was very light and refreshing and the salt pepper calamari was crispy & had great pairings with all the side veggies. For the entree, the chicken curry and the beef and scallop curry were good too. It just comes with 1 piece of scallops though, so that was slightly disappointing. I also really wanted to try their laska which was a great choice as an edition. The broth was A1 and they actually use two diff type of noodles (thin/wonton like noodles and then a thick noodle). Came with shrimp, tofu and chicken. Probably my favorite out of everything. We ended the meal with durian and ube ice cream. I'm personally not a durian fan, however if you are you can deff get the taste of durian. The ube ice cream was creamy and ube-y! I really enjoyed it. It was the $49/person HRW but...I think it may be worth the $35/person. But it's for charity so I was okay with because everything was delightful. Our server was super nice and passionate about the food as well.

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