Saltgrass Steak House

21855 Katy Fwy, Katy
(281) 647-9400

Recent Reviews

Eric Vance Warthen Sr.

Service was outstanding. The food was cooked perfectly and really tasted good.

John Malcolm Malone

Always amazing food and great service

Raven J.

So the service ended up being great AFTER I had to indirectly talk to the other guess I was with about receiving "bad service" from another waitress. Either way it worked. So having worked in food service and understanding the climate of our current state(covid) let's be mindful that yes, you can be an anti vaxxer, you can be an anti masker, but NOT in the kitchen while preparing someone's food. If the requirement is to wear the f-in it! Otherwise just let everyone not wear the mask, but picking and choosing throughout the restaurant because you're in KATY and it's a red city is extremely irresponsible. No one cares about your political views!!! THIS IS YOUR JOB!!! The least you can do is step to the side/kneel down where people can't see!!!!!! I looked in the kitchen MULTIPLE times to see MGRs and staff w/o a mask on and I get it, it's hot, no one wants to wear the mask. "It's your GOD given right" to breathe, I agree, but either everyone be on one accord OR petition that the rules be based on freedom of choice. Also, I saw someone turn around wipe their nose and then go back to their business. This is exactly WHY WE'LL NEVER get better because people are inconsiderate and pretty disgusting if you ask me. A perfect example of someone believing they're above following the rules, refusing to comply, and blatant disregard for their guests. Masks are asinine...but so are people! The food was good which is why y'all got a 3.

Ali Mellado

Excelente service by Tim..Friendly, prompt and polite..? % recommended this place.Visiting from Las Vegas NV

Victor Fausto

Saltgrass is so good that it should be name "Saltgrass the experience" like always they give you a warm welcome. The restaurant is super clean. Our server Christian was very polite and super cool. Christian was very knowledgeable on the menu and gave us great choices on drinks and food. The manager came to check on us. The Food was amazing. The chef Rock ! My steak was perfect. Visiting this location was a 6 stars experience. I highly recommend it. I will go back and visit again and again.

Danielle Carden

From the hostess to the server to the management, all great customer service. Busy Saturday night and there was always someone there to us anything we needed. It was nice to sit and enjoy their always awesome food and a quality dining experience especially after a hectic day of back to school shopping.

Aaryan P.

I was very please of the aesthetic and service of this establishment when me and some of my buddies visited! The appetizer sizes are huge!!! I was a big fan of their fried pickles and had a wonderful rack of ribs for dinner. Highly recommended for a good Texas experience.

Tiffany Hammersley (Snow)

Our server Hugo was great! Had great liquor knowledge and made great recommendations. Was charismatic and fun as a server!I'm greatful because the hostess that greated us was the exact opposite this lunch shift. But I'm glad Hugo changed the mood around!!

Cheryl Ancira

We had a wonderful steak dinner last evening. Everything was perfect. Our server, Riley, was absolutely wonderful. Riley is an awesome representative for your company. I give her a 5 star

Ross F.

This is the best location! From the management to the kitchen. You can't beat the made in house bbq sauce and the pineapple Rita's! ! I'm in for ribs at least once a week!


Wow this is easily one of the best dinner services I have ever had in my life. First off it was easy and efficient. Second of all, I had easily the greatest Waiter of my entire life Humza. Thank you so much for the amazing dinner service completely made my night. This man deserves a raise. Best service of my life !

Juan Gonzalez

Always a great experience! The service above par.

Marti Davalos

Always a pleasant experience. Fiid is delicious, Hamza, our server provided excellent service.

Carol Young

Problem #1 Our group was seated with drink and appetizer orders placed. When drinks were being served mine was accidentally spilled on me. Waitress did apologize and replace.Problem #2 ( MAJOR PROBLEM) Appetizer (fried pickles) was brought to the table and once a majority of them were eaten a child asked what something was that was on the plate. After looking at it carefully and having other adults look at it. We decided it was time to leave. What the child spotted was a small fried (not breaded) cricket.This was my first and last time to eat at this restaurant.All I will say is, please check your orders completely prior to eating any of it.

Wade Worsham

My wife and I got the fillet and porterhouse, the filled was sent back because it was under cooked, the porterhouse was tough as boot leather. By the time her steak cam back out (15 min later) I had given up on trying to gnaw my way through mine. Was not worth the $120 we definitely will not be back.

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