Spring Creek Barbeque

21000 Katy Fwy, Katy
(281) 829-0359

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Robert Lowe

Very disappointed. This has for years been our go-to BBQ place. The prices have increased 15% or more, the portions are smaller and the quality has declined. Not sure if we'll be back.

Estevan A.

This place used to be really good, but I recently came and it was disappointing to see it get so bad. The food was dry and bland, the baked potato I got, barely had any bacon so I asked for more and they charged me for extra bacon. Will not be coming back.

Michele R.

We've eaten at this location for YEARS. 90% of the time we ordered food to bring home - 40+ miles away. Last couple of years, we've just be going to the 1093 location because it's much closer. Yesterday, my husband went out of his way coming home to pickup food from the Westgreen location in Katy. We always order extra lean brisket. What we got wasn't lean though we paid for lean. I thought the meat had a strange aftertaste yesterday. (We get enough to warm up for supper the next day.) Today, not only was there an aftertaste, there was a smell. Keep in mind, my order was $60+. Hubby called today and was basically told he was lying. And that's fine, I'll NEVER buy food there again and will be sure to spread the word about my experience!

Jonathan Smith

Awesome Spring Creek quality, no matter which one you go to.

Calvin Davis

Good food, friendly staff.

Melissa G.

I'm not a fan of BBQ, but when my husband said he wished he still had his grill I knew it was really just to cook dinner so I placed an order using Door Dash. We ordered the "game day" meal, which is 2 meats and 3 sides, so we would have leftovers. Once again, I do not like BBQ, but I was impressed. The turkey breast was very moist with great flavor. I expected the green beans to taste like onions and bacon, but they were very good. My husband loved his barbecue sauced beans and brisket. They even included plates and cutlery so no dishes to clean after. The biggest plus was the bread was still warm on delivery as were the other items. I don't live far from here, but I've gotten deliveries from nearby restaurants that were room temperature. The only real negative was the Mac and cheese is basically the box type so nothing special and meh flavor.

Patrick Bateman

Had the St. Louis ribs with loaded baked potato to go. Ribs were solid. Had just enough of the sauce to finish them off. If you like your sauce, ask for extra portion. There were 5 rib sections and a decent amount of meat. They weren't "fall off the bone" tender, but what do you expect from a place like this?The one thing I would have done differently was ask for extra butter. Like a few tubs/packets of it. The baked potato was huge and there wasn't enough toppings to flavor the whole thing. Some butter would have made it a better experience. Also, they give you 2 rolls, which could also have used the butter. All in all a good experience. The total cost was $10.75 or so off the lunch menu.

James McGill

Good bbq and sides. One of the few places to serve pulled pork, which is very good. They no longer offer unlimited sides, such is a shame, but still have hot fresh bread

Colleen Mattson

Quality and quantity are not what they used to be. Fresh hot rolls were not ready until we were done eating at lunchtime. I think they are timing it so they don't give out as much bread. Everyone was asking for the rolls. Disappointed ?

Jorge Muhlia

Great food, brisket, ribs.. bread rolls warm and fresh... Staff were not the most cheerful

Hugh Lawrence

There are multi versions of cuts so you can get your favorite of lean or moist versions.The staff brings a basket with fresh baked huge rolls. They hit the spot.The line moves quick.A good place when the BBQ urge strikes.

Axa Axa

Tasty bbq. Portions could've been more generous. Even with the 2 rolls, I left a bit hungry. Courteous staff from who I interacted with

Martha Spamer


Chris R.

Fam and I use to like this spot until today. Price hike to start. $17 for a two meat plate is crazy high in the comp set. Service is the worst I have ever seen in 5 years going to this spot. The only positive is the place was clean. Not to owners: Price to portion. Seems like it was well staffed, just lack service training.

Kim S.

So disappointed. It seems the more you pay the less quality you're getting these days. You should have equal or more meat on your sandwich then bun. The food is good. But not happy about the lack of care and quantity

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