Star Pizza 3

24210 Westheimer Pkwy #100, Katy
(281) 665-7768

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Robert Konstantin

Great pizzas. Worth every penny A+

Sam H.

The deep dish pizzas are huge and one slice is so filling. I was watching a show on food network featuring a deep dish pizza and the show had me craving it instantly. Since I don't live in Chicago, this is the closest thing I could find and it was so good! My family of four bought a large and still had a few slices left when we were full.

Stuart Eisen

The best Chicago-style deep dish pizza in town. We got a small Sunburst for two healthy adult men. Each of us had two slices of this delicious pie, and we're stuffed. So good, and very good service.

Wirt Montinez

Great pizza, Chicken Alfredo is my Favorite. New York or deep dish.

Bianca H.

Star pizza is amazing. The service for dining and pick up are both that of quality and efficiency. And not only that, their pizza is great. Any of their pizzas in Chicago deep dish are my fave. They are the best in houston.

Linda Woodward

Best pizza anywhere. Great service too.

Maricela Grable

The best chicken salad in Katy . The dressing mmmmm. The pizzas are also delicious.

Gina Riojas

This is the ONLY PLACE I will ever buy a gluten-free pizza from. You'll thank your lucky stars for coming here. Absolutely authentic! Absolutely delicious!

Peter Stanaitis

Ordered both a New York style pizza and a Chicago style pizza. Both were not to style and didn't taste very good. The NY style pizza was not pliable at all. It was basically a brittle hand tossed pizza with a bottom crust significantly thicker than any NY style pizza I've ever had. The Chicago Style pizza was even worse. Their idea of Chicago style was simply adding more cheese and using chunky tomato sauce. The kicker was that the sauce was under the cheese, instead of on top, like a normal Chicago style pizza, and the whole topping portion slid around on these excess ingredients and fell apart miserably while trying to eat it, as the bottom crust became so soggy it could not maintain any integrity. I really, really wish I could've taken pictures of the pizzas to show a comparison between them and properly styled pizzas, because my descriptions do not do it justice. This place advertises 2 styles of pizza, and they are simply so off base of what the styles are that it's laughable. The prices are also astronomical for what you are getting. Our bill was $66 for the two pizzas and a lasagna. The pizzas, style aside, did not even taste good. This is the absolute bottom of gourmet pizza. This is only the 2nd Google review I've ever written, but I just had to get this out there. The high reviews astound me.

Henry Rearden

I like the choice of NY style vs Chicago pizza they offer. Quality of pizza and wings is above average. Unfortunately, whenever I order more than one item, they usually get the order wrong which is super annoying.

Elizabeth Power

Delicious pizza - generous toppings - deep dish Chicago style option available - Starburst is our favorite.

Valarie Holub Meinen

Had another great experience at Star Pizza today. Their Gluten Free Margherita pizza was on point. Their Bens was loved by the rest of the family and the Cesar salad was delicious as always. Ordered for pickup and it was ready on time and service was wonderful!

andres c

I have been used to going to the SP in Houston, but decided to give this one a try. Was very tasty. I ended up getting a 10 inch deep dish and it was very good!

Jonathan L.

We ordered two medium pizzas for takeout from Star pizza. One of them was an NY style margherita, and the other was a deep dish style Ben's. Right off the top, both pizzas were generous both in size and portion, and they came out hot and fresh. The ingredients also tasted fresh and both pizzas were very flavorful. We got the crust well done on the NY style and crispy on the deep dish. Personally, I think crispy crust is the way to go. Well done made the pizza a bit too hard to chew, especially if you decide to bake/reheat it if you have leftovers. As someone who has had the best of deep dish in Chicago, I'll say that this deep dish can't compare. However, if you are looking for a different style of pizza that resembles deep dish in some sense, this is probably the closest you'll get here in Houston. And for what it is, it still tastes pretty good. Overall, the food portion and quality here is great and I definitely want to come back sometime to try some of their other pizzas. This will also be my go to spot for the time being if I'm looking for a deep dish style pizza. The main gripe I would have is that the pizzas here are pretty pricey but I suppose you get what you pay for for the most part.

J Henderson

Good pizza, solid pricing. I would give them 5 stars if their delivery wasn't so slow. We only pickup now, to avoid delivery issues.

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