Texas Tradition

5321 Hwy Blvd #1306, Katy
(281) 391-6113

Recent Reviews

Sarah Rogers

Great food from wonderful people. Awesome community support.

Oralia Noronha

1st time here, and so worth the drive from Houston while in the area! The Food was Amazing & Tasted so Good! Seems like a Family owned & All we’re so Nice, Friendly & came around to ask if anything needed!

Debbie Campbell

We enjoyed our first time eating here. Great burgers, excellent service and very friendly. We highly recommend.

Suzy O.

Can I give MORE than 5 stars?!?! This place is AWESOME!!! Had a burger, fries, and an order of fried pickles. Seriously - the BEST!!! Big portions.

Karen Kutac

Usually our go to place for a juicy homemade Mushroom Swiss Burger which are Awesome. Tried the thier Homemade steakfinger basket w/onion rings . They are the Bomb too.

Mike D

It’s so good. I am blessed to live in old town Katy

Debra B.

It's not fancy from the outside but if you want great, home cooked food, this is the place to eat. Don't eat here if you're a salad eater, this is a meat and potatoes kind of place. The chicken fried steak with fried okra and Mac and cheese is as good as it gets. Finish with grandma's peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. You won't be disappointed. Don't let all the vehicles in the parking lot deter you, it's a large place on the inside. Always eat where there's lots of cars. That many people tell you where good food is.

Jerry H.

I've lived in Katy for 25+ years and yet I've never been to Texas Tradition before this visit. It is so good! I feel like I've wasted a quarter of my life missing out on this food! The portions are large and the service is as friendly as your grandma's house. I got the friend catfish and it was scrumptious! One of the best anywhere. Everyone else in my party loved their food too. I'm going to try the fish tacos next time. My buddy got them and said they were amazing! If you are a sweet tea lover like me you will be happy to know it is awesome!


Very good experience, for Sunday late lunch. We were a fairly large group, separate checks, etc, but TX Traditions staff handled us well, smoothly, friendly. Fish tacos; wouldn't have predicted they'd have that menu choice! Excellent. And everyone left really happy, 1 guy of us just emphatic his plate was delicious! Cool place; very homey, relaxed, authentic, you felt like you were home in TX. Good job, TX Traditions!

Cody Rodriguez

Chose this place because it was top rated but didn't understand why after I ate. Service was great, very friendly. Nice atmosphere. Even was shown the awards displayed on the wall they received for their chicken fried steak. My family and I had been on the road all day and were ready for some "award winning" chicken fried steak. Ordered 2 large chicken fried steaks, fried okra, Mac and cheese, and fries. The steak had next to no flavor, breading was soggy and falling off the steak, fried okra was fried for too long, and the Mac and cheese was watery. Very disappointing meal, after so much anticipation for a good chicken fried steak. Took most of it to go. Will not be returning.


Absolutely delicious food, especially the Cajun fries! The atmosphere was great, quick service, and delightful waitress. We will be back on our next trip to Katy

Fauna M.

I wish I could give zero stars! I only went because my MC was giving extra miles because the food is only so-so. Canned green beans, powdered mash potatoes, bland gravy. The mac and cheese was good so I went back and ordered the chicken fried steak with said canned green beans and powered mash potatoes and was going to order some mac and cheese to go after. I ate probably half and then got to a thicker part of the chicken breast (which was very good) and the meat was mushy like it wasn't cooked and I looked and it was just barely pink but it was not cooked. I told the waiter who was very nice and he told a guy, maybe the manager IDK who came back with the plate and said it looked cooked to him. I told him I didn't want to eat raw chicken and please take it away. He didn't apologize or not another word just turned and walked away. I was charged full price and I will never go back! I used to be in the restaurant business and if a manager did that with a guest of mine he would be fired. The waiter, the ticket says Thomas T, was very nice and I feel bad about not tipping him but I was pretty pissed when I left. Customer service has really left the building these days!!!! so sad :-(

Kevin Holmes

I would give this place four and a half Stars if it were available because I consider five stars to be perfection. Good service and great hamburger. The fries were great also.I recommend it.

Yancey L

I was introduced to this restaurant over 3 years ago. I have been driving from the DFW area to this restaurant for their Chicken Fried Steak (which is HUGE & enough for 2-3 meals for me) as it is AWESOME. HOWEVER, this past time was my LAST TIME to GO! The waitress told me it was $1.25 for an extra scoop of gravy to cover my steak & potatoes. THAT IS CRAZY! The CFS should come out covered in gravy, not a dollop in the center with a splash on the potatoes. If you are hurting from COVID-19, increase everything .25cents. DO NOT UPCHAREGE for a ladle of gravy when all it is milk and four and is already made! I have told people about this place since my first visit but I will never recommend it again. Not that it is important to you, but you have lost my business.

Kathy Naylor

The food was very good! The young waitstaff were polite and attentive. The only thing that bothered me was the political t-shirts that the employees were wearing. It made me uncomfortable and ruined the friendly atmosphere. As much as I liked the food, I'm not sure I'll go back. I wish businesses wouldn't put us in this position.

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