The Spice & Tea Exchange of Katy

23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd E130, Katy
(281) 394-5150

Recent Reviews

Mason Burton

This store was a serendipitous find—they have an impressive selection of spice and tea blends at very fair prices. The staff was exceptionally courteous during my visit; Shelby, in particular, was very kind and knowledgeable. I will absolutely return in the future.

Lexie Cooper

Love this place and how much of a tea selection they have going on. I'm always looking for quality loose leaf teas in the greater Houston area and they definitely provide that and more. The darjeeling & earl grey are my absolute favorites.Also, with regards to certain unfair "customers" of this store who stopped by and got their feelings hurt because of a mask request, and then had the gall to leave a 1 star review because of it ----- it is absolutely not a HIPAA violation to ask if someone is vaccinated, nor is it illegal to request that customers wear masks in a place of private business :)

Benjamin Agold

Great assortment of spices and teas. The staff was super helpful and kind.

bryan lozano

Amazing store with friendly staff worth a visit!

Debbie McCormack

Great Little Shop in La Centerra that has Spices-Teas-Salts and a few other Goodies in several size packages so that you can try a little or buy a lot! My husband is obsessed with their teas that you steep at home-selection beyond your imagination!

Nayna D.

I was visiting relatives in the area when we found this shop and was immediately blown away by the selection of spices, herbs, and teas. The shop is a small business, and is run that way with the owner Jocelyn taking personal interest in each of the customers that come through their doors. Since then, I have continued to order my spices and herbs from this store, and Jocelyn herself takes the time to pick everything out, pack it, and mail. There really is no replacement for that kind of commitment to customer service, and definitely a welcome change to your typical retail experience. Some people may not be down for that, and find it annoying when they can't get immediate attention, or when things take longer than usual, but if you are looking to take time and really get to know the businesses you are spending your money at, then honestly this is where you should be going. I know I can probably get my spices and herbs from a big store for less, but I am fortunate to be able to have a choice to go with the Katy Spice and Tea Exchange. It also goes without saying that the quality of the product is definitely higher: anyone who is particular about their spices and herbs will immediately recognize that the ones from this store are better sourced and curated, resulting in spices and herbs that are as close to drying them yourself from a garden as you can get.

Kimberley A.

What is up with this place? We've tried to go twice in the last couple of months to stock up on tea during posted hours. One time on a Sunday at 1:00 when they're supposed to be open at noon, another time on a Saturday at 10:30 when they said they open at 10:00. We waited until 10:45 and still nobody opened. I give up! Really want to support our local stores but I'll buy my tea and spices from somewhere else. It's super inconvenient and disappointing!

Felicia Carter

When you walk in it smells like heaven. Jocelyn is the most welcoming person that you could ever meet. I will be back.

Lexy Fowler

My daughter and I love this place! It is so organized and the staff is always very knowledgeable. We like their rewards program and there is always a sale happening. Jocelyn was very helpful this visit!

Yury Liseth Salinas

The cutest store and the owner is SO nice and helpful, I recommend 100% ...The Earl Grey Creme Tea along with the granulated honey is just amazing


Found this store today and was so happy about it.They have a big selection of tea mix, some really fresh spices.The staff was really nice and helpful


What a great place! Excellent, knowledgeable, staff! We have purchased many different spices and teas and have never been disappointed! Also, if you have that hard to buy for person in your life, this is the place for you! We definitely shop here often!

Real Nelle Tatum

Always the best place to go for spices. People think I'm a chef.

José F. Morillo

Jocelyn, the owner, is as personable and helpful as one can be. I loved the variety of teas and spices available.

Nelle Tatum

Always the best place to go for spices. People think I'm a chef.

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