Cake Land

6950 McPherson Rd B, Laredo
(956) 753-2253

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It's a small bakery that I dont know is PART of the cafe or not but either way it was nice! The single worker there was easy to hear and patient while I browsed and gave me what I wanted when I decided to get it without a hitch! The space inhibited was also very clean and easy t walk around when I needed to! Cake I got was fine as well! No problems to speak of, really!

Marlene Zarate

I ask for a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting(I placed the order 2 days before)and they gave me vanilla cake and the frosting didn’t taste good, not worth the $50.

Nissi Sanchez

It was a couple of minutes after they closed and I knocked on the door because I needed a cake ASAP, Diana greeted me with a smile and kindly asked how she could help me, She opened the door and helped me pick out a cake for my event. She even offered to personalize it, she was very kind, friendly, fast & efficient! Even durning Covid times she was extremely fast & she followed Covid guidelines, I’ve always liked this place but I am totally in love! Thank you all so much!!

Thomas Britt

I want to say thank you to everyone for the service I received..from taking to order until when I picked up the cake for my son's first bday..I'm a truck driver and I had to place my order over the phone...I can now have a peace of mind on my next event.. I will be placing many more orders with you in the future..Thank you everyone..By the way the cake was beautiful and delicious..

Arty Chow

Años que voy y el señor super lindo y hoy fui y una señora con outfit de loteria, bien grosera. Quemando a cakeland señora... pesimo servicio

Christina Valdez

Awesome customer service!! Food is great!?

Veronica Castillo

Excelente repostería y deliciosos cakes

Jkj High

Melly is very sweet and talented. She listens to your ideas and is very creative. The cakes are beautiful and delicious. I highly recommend Melly's cakes!

Stephanie Medellin

Her cakes are delicious and she is very attentive! Because of my work schedule, I was able to order through messenger. She made my wedding cake, husbands birthday cake and nephews birthday cake. Any questions I have, she responds right away and her cakes are on point with the design you choose. You can even make payments online which is very convenient. Best place to get your cakes from and very well worth the price

Ruth M.

I ordered a cake for my son's birthday at this place and would say it was a terrible experience. The order was for a pineapple and orange filling for 84 dollars. I barely see non of the fillings in the cake . I cut down it hoping to find a filling in case the colors of those two fillings are incorporated in the cake , but no test of either was in the cake . It was just a heap of yellow baked soft bread in that 6 inch high cake . I don't think they know what they are doing. Would not recommend this place to anyone...stay away from this place if you don't want to be disappointed!!

SylviaNicole R.

Adorable little stop. We picked up a huge mix of treats to take back home for our family and friends. Absolutely gorgeous atmosphere!

Laura G.

While in Laredo and this close to Mexico, sweetbread or pan dulce is a must. The selection was moderate, nothing like the mother land but adequate. I ordered a few conchas, ginger pigs, Mexican wedding cookies and buí±uelos. The buí±uelos were delicious and the conchas super fresh. However the ginger pigs were salty and doughy I was so disappointed in those. However the bread was fresh and next time I come back to Laredo I will stop by again.

Michelle M.

Got a beautiful cake for my daughters 19th birthday! It was gorgeous and absolutely delicious! My daughter was very happy! Thank you so much!

Walter M.

First time I've been to this location and it's fantastic. The Bollilos breakfast menu rocks and the pan from Cakeland is fantastic. Nice atmosphere, awesome staff, definitely part of the Laredo restaurant rotation.

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