Palenque Grill Loop 20

7220 Bob Bullock Loop #2, Laredo
(956) 516-7600

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Adriana Rdz Covarrubias

I love Palenque they have the best food, best desert, especially the tres leches cake, and the environment is amazing! Friendly, cozy, and just perfect for any day or mood.

Lauren VonMatt

Great food, drinks, atmosphere & staff!

Melly H.

Second time here in over 1.5 years and the food quality remains amazing! I had the Palenque Salad with chicken and it was so fresh, tasty ingredients, and chicken not over cooked! Cilantro dressing is my fav! I especially love the fresh salsas, chips, beans, and toasty tortillas that everyone is greeted with- complimentary! My margarita on the rocks was perfect, not too sweet or too tangy. Service is on point- friendly, prompt, helpful but not pushy or overbearing.

Greg Puchala

Palenque grill used to be the GO-TO local restaurant for quality and authentic Mexican food, however since reopening after the COVID pandemic, that’s is not the case any more. I ordered the “Garritas de Leon” which are supposed to be the premium prime ribeye tacos.. as you can see in the picture there was nothing unique about them. For 28$ I got four tasteless, thinly sliced and overcooked ribeye tacos which left me longing for the tacos that used to be. Not only has the quality gone downhill, the prices have soared. If you decide to eat here, I would recommend skipping these tacos and making your own with an order of a ribeye steak (assuming they cook it correctly). I will be taking my business elsewhere, at least until they fix the poor quality and overpriced nature of their menu.


Always enjoy dining there. Love the food and service. When I go to Laredo visit family we try to go.

Erik Smith

If my review was just for the food, would have easily been 4-5 stars. The food was excellent, steak was cooked just perfectly, and excellent flavors. We were greeted at the door and seated promptly, and the greeters were very welcoming and nice. Same with when we left, they thanked us and said goodbye. The service we received at the table was terrible. It took a very long time for our waiter to return after dropping off our drinks and take our order. Once our order was in the food came out very quickly and it was placed in the correct spot on the table (no complaints about that, I just think it fits better with the timeline to say it here). I had to ask twice for another beer. After we finished eating, and we were very obviously done, and our drinks were gone, it took him forever to ask if we wanted our checks, and then bring them out. Maybe he was busy, maybe he was having a bad night, I don’t know, but sadly it ruined my experience at an establishment that had excellent food.

Alberto Cruz

I usually save this place for special occasions and was a little let down with this visit. Our food took forever, and when it did it was a little on the cold side. My rice smelled funny or dated. The only bright spot was our waiter despite the time it took for the food to arrive he was supportive. Will not go back again. I understand these are hard times but spent a pretty penny for food that was subpar.

Eddie Lorenzo

Good food but slow service

Carlos Figueroa

This was my first time coming here and I must admit we almost go somewhere else because the last couple of reviews have been poor.The food is pricey for what you get. Mine wasn't bad but it wasn't the best and prices are in the upper echelon. Usually Mexican food is not expensive but somehow here it is.

V G.

Service was very bad, waiter served everyone and checked up on them regularly except for my son and me. The jumbo shrimp was past it's time, hopefully I won't get food poisoning tonight. Waiter never came back so I could tell him. Been writing this and sitting here 10 minutes since my food got here and he's just walking around.

April F.

So good!! The food is so good. Everything we ate was delicious!! Shrimp all day, shrimp everything. Tequila was awesome and even the Dos Equis taste better here!


I drove down to Laredo for my sister’s birthday. She chose her favorite restaurant to celebrate her day and ended up getting horrible service. There was no host in the entrance, a waiter signaled us to come in and sit down(pointing to the table). As we were sitting down ,someone from the kitchen saw and rudely said “no, you have to wait, you all have to wait.” A lady approached us and took us back to the entrance telling us that they were taking long for the food to come out. She should not have phrased it like that, it was up to my sister to decide if she wanted to wait or go some where else. I will not be going back. I’m extremely disappointed with the service they gave my sister.

sandra reyes

The host was very unwelcoming and rude. She basically told me that the waiting time was 1hr and so and that their food orders were taking long. And there was clearly 2 empty tables not being used. All she had to do is ask how many were dining in and let me know the waiting time, but instead she made us feel like we should go eat somewhere else. I just wanted to celebrate my birthday there. :(

Jess Q

I DO NOT recommend. THE WORST SERVICE IN LAREDO. Sat outdoors and we only saw the waitress twice in a one-hour period, to get our drinks and write down our order. I had to go inside after 45 minutes to ask if our food was ready. We ordered the “parillada” and only received it after I asked for it and it was cold and dry. Typically a parillada comes out sizzling hot but this was not the case. My family will not be wasting our money there.

Uvaldo Patino

My favorite Real mexican teaste food Restaurant!! Top of the line service.

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