Red Lobster

5315 San Dario Ave, Laredo
(956) 791-5667

Recent Reviews

Henry Brewer

We pigged out on the Harborside Lobster & Shrimp Feast and some appetizers! ? ? ? ?

James Shelton

Not up to higher standards. Friends birthday, would not recommend for special events like this.

Rosa Castillo

Throwback plate was super good. The water was excellent, but I'm sorry we didn't get his name. I'll make sure to ask on our next visit.

Alex D.

I would die for your bread and mozzarella sticks with grilled chicken fries and mashed potatoes

Jose Regalado

Good food at an affordable price!Great service!

Alex Valdez

Good service waitress was training a new waiter. Good verbal communication.


It was so good to eat here very nice atmosphere enjoyable visit. I had the salmon plate. Was delicious very well cooked ??. Thanks for your Courtesy And your politeness.

Jaime Alvarez

The steak and lobster meal was very expensive for a dried out lobster tail and only 3 biscuits. The lemonade was horrible.

Ivan Garcia

Great place and customer service. Food was delicious

cha “A Google User” lrd

Upon arriving at restaurant went to restroom to wash hands, hot water would not turn on for either of the 2 sinks. Found hot water supply turned off under both sinks and turned them back on. What a messed up way to try and save some money! Lobster bisque soup is $8.00 a bowl and contains no lobster, after complaining manger brought out small side dish of lobster meat. Lobster linguine had pieces of lobster in it the taste like they were freezer burned…all dry and crumbly, this place has turned into a dive.

Big Mendoza

Horrible food was un cooked wifes plate was all cold no no no very poor service waiter super slow an rute. Never going back!

Lucy Villalobos

The restaurant was not packed. The staff was very friendly, but they were not readily available when we needed them. The wait time for our food and drinks was very long and the food was not the best quality. We went in hoping to have a delicious meal like Red Lobster used to offer, but the quality of the service and food is not what it used to be. Hopefully they were just having an off day.

Jerry Zuniga

Red Lobster... The one chain that doesnt skimp out on the lobster in the linguini... Always perfect calamary as well... One thing I wish they had a was a lemon aioli to pair the fried seafood.

Cindy Cheryl Rose

Can park a Large RV here.


It was delicous!! Service was good. We had the new Oriental bowl w lobster tails and shrimp. A little greasy to my surprise but very flavorful.

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