Taco Palenque San Bernardo

4515 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo
(956) 725-9898

Recent Reviews

Julio Murillo

It's great Mexican food in town!

Heavy Duty

Ok tacos. Longer then expected wait during drive through.

Yesenia Diaz Loredo

We will go back, absolutely DELICIOUS!

Krzysztof Olszewski

It was very unusual experience of foods you will really enjoy perfect every time I'm in Laredo that's what I'm going to go

Carrie Barrientos

The food was good they messed up on a little bit of our order but by the time I got home and realized it was too far to go back but it's all right it's good Mexican food fast so

bounty hunter77

Love the picadillo burrito..... but the chicken fajita tacos are legit! Can't beat it!

Pedro Hamburg

I love Taco Palenque. But not this location. They always screw up my orders, they are super slow taking orders, and unlike the other San Bernadino location up the road, these guys don't keep salsas, nachos, and stuff in front of counter that customers can take without asking. The other San Bernadino location (near Walmart) has very on ice on trays for you to take. And they're fast. Also, I think they dont cook their beef as well as the other San Bernadino location. And they're slow at cleaning tables after customers leave. So many times I had to clean my own table.

Jose Marin

This is my first time trying them and it was recommended by my friend so we decided to stop instead of getting Whataburger. Overall the portions are big and they actually put a decent amount of meat in the food. The price is up there meaning it is kind of pricey but it's worth the try and definitely would recommend.

Juan Reyes

Food was delicious and fair prices,and they have a variety of food,the only thing I didn't see was tortas but I didn't ask,the place is clean and the tables are in a social distance.

Antonio Aguilar

Food is good . Abit expensive compared to other similar restaurants in the area

Angelo C.

Watch out guys. I order menudo and arroz con leche today 5/19/21 and when I eat the arroz con leche I realized the taste is different. I found out that they gave me a expired arroz con leche as written in the label expiration date May 13, 2021 that is 6 days expired already. Taco Palenque check your food expiration date.

Yolanda C.

We ordered a plate of potato and egg and a plate of chilaquiles. The food was bland and flavorless. Salt didn't even help. The only food that had flavor was the beans. The tortillas de mail were good, however they served them almost crudos. The coffee was hot and delicious. The staff was friendly.

Steven Cotter

The food is awesome and the service is awesome!! I love their Sirloin Burito and that Avacado Sauce is awesome!! I encourage you to try Taco Palenque!!

Quinn Fate

food was amazing. very fast and friendly

Luna plays_ Tik toast

It was awesome, they had amazing tacos the tacos were litterly big for 6 dollars but I would want them to lower their price a bit although the food was delicious ?✨?✨

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