Chiangmai Thai Kitchen

103 W Loop 281 #430, Longview
(903) 663-6622

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I found this place about 5 years ago and it was really good but the last couple of years something has happened with the cooks. There's no consistency in the heat system. They go from mild medium to spicy to extra spicy or a one two three and I used to order a three consistently and it had some heat but it wasn't overpowering. And then recently I've had to go down to ordering a mild because the level two or medium is so hot you can't eat it. So it's either mild and no flavor or so hot you can enjoy it

Dolores G.

Sooooo yummy! Disclaimer- I have eaten inside like twice, we usually just get takeout. It's consistently delicious. This is a family fav. We never have issues with orders being wrong (maybe they could be more generous w meats) service is never an issue either. They train these guys right! If you haven't been here try it!


By far the freshest food in town, absolutely delicious.

Araceli A.

Some good a$$ Thai food. Coming from the Bay Area I was a little nervous but the reviews are on point! Authentic & fresh. Ask for it spicy Chicken laab & Som tum salad 10/10

Corrine Forrest

The food was mediocre at best. The staff sucked. Not only do they not know what's on their own menu they are slower than molasses in January in South Dakota. I set a timer to see how long it would take to get our check, it was over 15 minutes after we asked for it and only because my husband asked another server for it.

Blessed Family

This place has really good food and tasty. I cannot give more than 2 stars as the lady servicing never checked on us, never offered or even came by to see what we wanted, she was not customer friendly, missed one of the items on the order, and billed me for it. When I pointed out, she never even apologized. This is called rudeness or unfit to serve a customer.

Jennifer Skinner

I'm seriously in love with this place. I've never eaten Thai food before a few months ago, and now I go here about once a week. The lettuce wraps are SO good, and so is the garlic fried rice. My friend who introduced me to this place loves the shrimp pad thai. If you are wondering about spice levels here, I get spicy level 3, and occasionally it gets me, but I like the extra spice. Spicy level 2 seems to be the perfect balance between spice and flavor.

Christian Mata

I visited for the first time tonight and the food was absolutely delicious! I'll definitely be back again soon!

Robert Miller

Been coming here for a couple of years, the service Wednesday evening was absolutely horrible, the waitress was just outright rude,like we may be bothering her for being there.drink refills had to be requested because she wouldn't take it upon herself to refill any drinks,only four other tables in the restaurant. We ordered soup bowls and she wouldn't bring us the herb set up without having to ask three the food but will not put up with rude servers,not sure if we will return. The name on the check said Tina

Mark T.

Great Thai food. (not that I am an expert) I go here when the other place isn't open. (most of the time) Great spice levels. Lots of variety. Prices are not bad. Nice people when we eat in and quick service when we pick up.

Victoria Finck

My husband and I were visiting from out of town. I have been here several times in the past and highly recommended it to my husband. We were told to pick a seat and asked what we wanted to drink but the host/waiter seemed distracted and walked away. After a short while we decided what we wanted but no server had checked on us. We set our menus on the table and the same server came and picked them up without talking to us. We waited a while longer. Another server walked past and asked if we’d been waited on and we told her what happened. She said she would check on it and then waited her tables.We got a bad feeling and left.I would recommend the Tyler location instead.

Angelina Thompson

I'm from the PNW where there are many Thai restaurants. This place deserves the 5 stars, I absolutely recommend! So good!

Lianna F.

This place is really good, the service is too notch too. I can't wait to eat there again. Very reasonable prices too! Their red curry is delicious and the cashew nut is a favorite also.

Jesse French

Very fast for dine-in or carry out, even when at peak hours.The food is delicious and seasoned to order.(They can do mild and they can do authentically HOT)Wait staff is very active and good at what they do.I have eaten a lot of Thai food in Thailand and nearly every dish is available at CMThai Kitchen.

Mikey Rad (Master Reviewer)

I loved the fried bananas and will always order sticky rice with mango! It’s so dank!

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