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Jane Sims

Food was not up to standard. Biscuits undercooked, beans and dumplings were almost cold, coleslaw had a peculiar taste almost like mayo was soured so did not eat afraid something was wrong. Breakfast for husband only mediocre. The dining room was less than half full and we had to wait for 15 minutes to be seated.


Had the Chef Salad, great, except cheese missing off salad. The PBR was 12 oz and in Fort Worth it was 16 oz.

Lindsey Conrad

The food was horrible. The chicken tasted rough, old, and not like chicken. The pancakes tasted like they were in the middle of cleaning the grill and started cooking them. Brown gravy had large chunks of an unknown meat in it. Server had to ask our drink order three times and still had issues.

Scott Wetmore

This really is a nice place with good food. And your, thankfully, typical Cracker Barrel friendliness. The reason I'm only giving three stars is because Unfortunately they no longer offer oatmeal on the breakfast menu which was something I really enjoyed. Other than that, great place.

Joel Mosier

Good service. Good food..Always tastes great. The chicken and dumplings were good as was the green chili chicken sandwich. Staff was hustling at all times. Good time.

Renee Blayden

This was our first time at Cracker Barrel as we don’t have any in the Seattle Washington area.We were seated, greeted by our waitress who took our drink order. Our waitress was fairly new which was no big deal initially. My husband ordered a Arnold Palmer (which is ice tea and lemonade) which everywhere we went in the south we had to explain to every waitress at every restaurant we went to which was no big deal.The problem we had was the waitress was telling us about that she got stiffed on a tip and was getting “tested” by other customers lately….I mean I’ve never been a waitress before but it seems like you shouldn’t be “fishing” for a tip or making people feel sorry for the you that you didn’t get tipped. She brought our order out then it was like she wanted to have a conversation while we had our hot food there. When she left she wasn’t gone that long and we were still eating and she comes over and asks if we wanted boxes… she wanted us gone so we can tip her and she can get another table to make more tips (or at least that’s how we felt) when we finally asked her for boxes she brought them out but we needed more and we asked for more but it was like after that we were forgot about.The food was ok, my ham was dry and the green been s tasted weird to me but other things were ok. If we are ever by a Cracker Barrel again we will probably give them another try but it’s not someplace that we have to go to every time I see one.We loved the country store that was attached to the restaurant. Lots of cool things to look at. Hubby bought some bitter beer and I got some old time candy for my mom.

Alma Wade

The food was great. The waitress we had needs Covid training. I asked her for syrup and she took a bottle from the table next to us where some people had been sitting and sat it on our table. I was mortified. I politely asked another waitress for some and she brought us two bottles of warm syrup.

Kornpop McCullough

Some of the friendliest service we have ever had. Melissa was our server and she was awesome! The food was delicious and the kitchen got our order completed very quickly. The hostess was very nice as was the lady at the register. Great place!

Michael DF L.

First time here, we're here on overnight from a cross-counyry trip. Not expecting anything different, as I expect the same at each one, part of the reason to stop here. This one turned out to be different. Our server made the difference. The young lady made our day. We came in from working out on a flightline at the local airport. One of our military jets had an emergency landing and we drove down to repair it. Long hot day, and I mean 105°F plus hot on open asphalt. Ugh! We decided to eat before the hotel instead of refreshing with a shower and change of clothes. So we headed to the Longview Cracker Barrel. Right from her first greeting she was a real joy. We have a wisecracking humor and she chuckled right along with us. She definitely made the whole visit a real pleasure after a crappy day. I wanted to make her day, so I left an extra nice $$$ tip. She found it and came running trying to give it back. No way I was taking it back. Told her she made our whole day so much better, I wanted to do the same for her. She was starting to tear up, gave me a hug thanking me and off we went. In these recent times with young people not wanting to work, and the businesses having to practically beg for applicants to apply. It's really nice to see the folks that do show up and take pride in their job. Today is 22 July 2021, if you find yourself stopping in at this location, ask for JULIANNE. What a great personality on thus young lady. Thank you, again, Julianne!!

Kevin G.

Outstanding we loved this afternoon's lunch. We had the lunch specials of Chicken and Dumplings and the Meatloaf special. My wife had the pinto beans and turnip greens. She loved them and they were spot on. I had the Country green beans with Mac and cheese with my meat loaf. Meal was great as you would expect from Cracker Barrel. The most enjoyable part of the meal was our waitress Bridgette. She was fantastic and very professional. Great conversation and wonderful selections to choose from. She has a wonderfully spirit, she is best waitress that we have had in all our visits to Cracker Barrel. Great job keep it up.

Linda Stowell

Really sorely disappointed in the “new” Cracker Barrel Menu. Was hoping it was only “Covid” temporary….. but we find it every CB we go to.Boo Hoo…. I so miss my haddock meal, almost the o my place I order fish! The only continued bright star is that they still welcome RV’s to Boondock on site. As long as they keep doing that we will continue to have at least breakfast and sometime both Dinner if we arrive early enough and breakfast


We ate here today after a baseball tournament. Roughly 1:30 when we arrived. Wait wasn't long. Upon ordering, the waiter tells us that they're out of southern fried chicken, which we understand so we order something else. About 15 minutes later, the waiter informs us that he was supposed to get off 30 minutes earlier, and that another waiter would be taking care of us as soon as he got caught up. We tipped our original waiter because we more or less sympathized for him having to work over. Fast forward to us getting our food - The trout was just not worth ordering, and the chicken fried chicken was tough. We looked around however, and noticed that a few people around us had in fact gotten southern fried chicken, which we were told was not available. On top of all of this, our new waiter was struggling to get time to get back to us. We ended up going without drinks for a while and so forth. I love Cracker Barrel, but this experience was the worst I've ever had at one.

Dakota Hill

Took a bit to get service but ill say this. The biscuits sausage and gravy was just fantastic. Another thing is the sweet tea(which is usually not the greatest at restaurants) was out of this world that being said the wait was DEFINITELY worth it for that great breakfast i was served.

Rose Thomas

It was hard to find. Then we couldn't set were we would be more warm. Then we thought we could order our lunch special as we seen it on the menu, but no. It turn out good if you wanted another grilled chicken salad.

Monicqua Allen

Usually I want pancakes this time I ordered a dinner item since it was after 5PM. My selection was good and tasty. Most of the time when I eat here it's to hang out and enjoy the company of my friends and family.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

822 S Access Rd, Longview, TX 75602
(903) 553-1314