Dairy Queen Store

4101 Gilmer Rd, Longview
(903) 759-0241

Recent Reviews

Teresa G

Dairy Queen advertised that the pumpkin blizzard was back, was told they didn’t have it. Disappointed they also don’t have the cotton candy dipped cones anymore

Steve J

It's a neck & neck race for worst dessert place in Longview. This location is trailing behind the Sonic but not by much.

Shaun Braley

Turtle pecan blizzard!! It was good. They actually mixed it all up this time.

Josh Taylor

Last minute drive through food was pretty good and the dipped cone was amazing!

Misty Meza

Vy clean and open spaced. Quick drive thru.

James Johnson

Just walking around treasure hunting and I just want you to know that this is one of the cleanest parking lots I have ever seen. Great job for the management of the store.

Chris Brewer

Good food but drive thru is sloooooow

Valencia Smotherman

Best food and staff! I love Spring Hill Dairy Queen.

Jose Enriquez

Always a pleasant dq they never mess up and are always super nice


Always a pleasant dq they never mess up and are always super nice

matt richardson

Tacos were wonderful. Quick and friendly service.

Sharolette Buchanan

Great food when your hungry...

Carolyn Carmack

Drive from Gladewater to this D.Q. Great place

Tammy Thomas

They deserve no stars!! Waited in the drive thru 20 minutes before getting to the window toonly get my drinks. Then was told to pull around to the front and they would bring it right out. Mind you I only ordered 2 burger combos. DQ employee comes out to ask what I ordered!!!! So I told him. He then comes out without my food again only to tell me it would be another 2 minutes. Needless to say 5 minutes later I finally get my food. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I WILL NOT BE BACK!!!!

Eli Zazulak

They stop serving ice cream 30 minutes before they close

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