Hot Dog Express

106 E Marshall Ave, Longview
(903) 753-8081

Recent Reviews

James Henderson

Hot dogs are alright don't like the way the cheese gets stuck on the wrapper

Kelly Key

It's a great place to eat simple fast cheap and good

Mark D. Coleman

Good O'le Fashioned Hotdogs

Stuart Beck

Quick Friendly Service....

Bailey Payne

Lived in Longview all my life and had never been! Went for dinner tonight and loved it! Prices were awesome and couldn’t as for better food!


How do you describe a place that is a local icon for chili cheese dogs? I have been going here for 50 years and so has everyone else! It is the best of the best! I really don't know why you would go anywhere else if you are craving chili cheese dog heaven!

Sandy Morton

Best HOT Dogs in town. Great Service. Been going here since the 80s.

Pamela Horton

Yummy! Still delicious after all the years in business. I crave a good chili cheese hot dog every once and a while and Hot Dog Express never disappoints. The staff is always friendly and prompt.

Geneva Jones

Friendly staffDelicious chilli cheese hot dogsGreat prices

Sandra Noble

Loved it. Good food..Great prices!!

Tooter Jennings

If you want convenience store hot dogs this is the place for you!

Felecia Robertson

I just had the worse experience there so I ordered 2 chicken rings 2 fries extra crispy on the rings. When I get to the window the owner is having a bad argument with a employee I pay for my food and leave I get home I noticed my chicken rings are not crispy I don’t like soggy food so I give my child a order of fries and go back. I explained at the window I wanted them crispy he said he didn’t hear me all he can offer is taking my chicken back and reedy the in the grease I ex

Mary Morrow

Had the polish deluxe. Had to much mayo and mustard. Made the bread really soggy. Picked the sandwich up and it fell apart because soggy bread. They are usually really good. Ask for very light mustard but I guess whoever took order didn't hear me.

Eric Ingram

Me and my Wife love Hotdog Express every time we are in Longview we stop by

David Marshall Hayes

This place has been around since I was a kid (formerly Der Wiener Schnitzel). It was a favorite lunch place during high school before we had closed campus. Still great food and service.

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