Jucys Hamburgers

3356 Gilmer Rd, Longview
(903) 212-8880

Recent Reviews

David Denney

The best hamburgers I ever ate!Really big!A++++++Will return to this restaurant!

Kelly Penney

Burger always great. No real big on the fries and tots. Fried green tomatoes taste like my grandma's....cant be mad at that.

Judy Reynolds

My 1st and last time to go was today. Have heard how good it was and decided to finually give it a try on Gilmer Rd. Husband's bacon cheese burger was good he said fries was hot and fresh but steak sandwich was awful. Breading wasnt even cooked that well and the meat was so tough I couldn't eat it. Big disappointment.

tn fc

Always ate here since i was a kid grew up on it never been disappointed always taste great and never let corperates get to it

Martin Dunlap

The hamburgers are great here and they have a sweet, but spicy Chilli. Really good and service was great.

scott carpus

Excellent. A plate could be shared by two people potentially. Great value

Shawn Macie

LOVE IT!!! Great service, good price for the amount of food, and it is delicious. Try their breakfast if you don't know about it. It is amazing.

Mr CoCo

The oddest most nontraditional experience you'll have at any restaurant in Longview. They don't serve combos. You have to name each item. There's a large menu outside with nothing but text and no pictures! Want a hamburger steak meal? Forget about classic brown gravy that goes on literally every hamburger steak in America.... No, they put a cup of White flour gravy in the tray, and nothing but onions on top of a dry beef patty. Their food is presented in non traditional ways and is quite expensive but wait til they pile on the tax. This is how Jucys is able to build a new restaurant every year?

Jade K.

We love the food as always. However, everyone we spoke to was EXTREMELY rude and acted like they were inconvenienced just taking my order.

Kay P.

I walked in the other day and this girl named kendley took my order.She was very nice and charming! She was so sweet never have meet someone who works in the fast food industry who was so nice even complemented me on my outfit!! She is the sweetest thing! Really made my day for a 60 year old who has nothing better to do.I hope my grandkids will act and behave like her when they are older! The sweetest little thing ever.Really made my day would ask for her when I come out. I even tried to give her a 20 dollar tip but sadly she declined it.Her personally really makes this place a lot better even went out of her way to ask if I needed anything extra.

Melissa Wilbur

This place is excellent, they beat the sonic, I loved them my favorite place now! They had the best Onion rings ever!

Patricia Berkley

Love the home style fries. Never had a bad experience here. Good food and with the app or website ordering is convenient.


Burger was good but as noted by others just neat no flavor. But was real meat & just cooked. The fries were ... they are so bad. Squishy; some undercooked; others cooked but still soft. Not a crispy fry in the batch. Two times & same result. I’ll probably get the burger again; the fries they can keep.

Kara O

Eat here all the time , burgers. Chicken strip baskets, fried pickles and beans. Salad. U name it. It's all good

Tim Parker

One of the very best burgers around! They also have chicken, and salads on the menu. Very good, hot, comfort food. Store is clean and sanitized. Employees very friendly and helpful with menu selections. They also have breakfast! And its wonderful. The eggs were cooked to perfection, buscuits are light and fluffy, the ham was just at that right crispness. Texas pecan coffe was awesome as well. Thank you Jucys!!

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