2407 Judson Rd, Longview
(430) 201-5375

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Destiny Smith

Bought a 5 piece tender meal and got 2 tenders and 3 chicken nuggets if you can call them that. Husbands drumsticks were scorched. AND found a long black hair in his box. Not one to complain but woooow this was an awful experience.

Patricia Coleman

I love KFC chicken and the employees here are very friendly.

Philip Lacy

Finger licking good. The best pot pie you can buy. Fries had way way too much salt.

Karl Mayo

If you wanna give away money to get whatever they decide to give you in the drive through window this is the place to go. I ordered a breast& wing crispy with a biscuit only to get home & find a box with 3 thighs!!! Almost forgot the female @ the window kept calling me bud! I was like who the ^#** is bud!!! Waste of money

Faith Rae Lee

Serving "fresh chicken," is STILL Not Their Specialty!

Antonia O'Donnell

I don't usually leave reviews on, pretty much, anything. But, my gosh! This was one of the worst - if not the worst - experience I have ever had getting fast food.I'm not even going to go on about the customer service - I don't care, I'm there for the food.And when I got back to work (less than 10 minutes away) and took my first bite, the chicken was evidentally OLD and excessively CHEWY. It was practically inedible! I took multiple bites out of each of the chicken strips TRYING to salvage my lunch, but each chewy bite was just as disappointing and disgusting as the last. So, I had to throw it away.Also, it has been forever since I have even been to KFC, and I asked what came with the 3 piece chicken tenders and the gentlemen on the speaker told me it would come with a cookie. I received rancid food and no cookie. Thanks for nothibg but a wasted lunch break.I know you don't care, but I'll say it anyway; I won't be returning.

Marcus House

What can I say about KFC. WHEN A PERSON ORDERS SIX BREASTS, IT DOESNT MEAN ILL ACCEPT A BUCKET OF THIGHS. Repeated the order, which was simple, 6 times, even a separate customer repeated my order to them. 6 breasts, two legs 4 biscuits, large gravy! Simple enough right? No! Not simple enough! Should have just ordered water, but I probably would have gotten a Sprite. Some people can't handle their weed apparently!

Carlene Burton

The chicken tenders were so good and th French fries was the best I had in a very long time. The employees were very nice. I will go there again

Mark D. Coleman

The service was excellent very nice very considerate of making sure the customer was satisfied

Janiah Jackson

They are terrible we have been sitting in the parking lot for almost an order that wasn’t big at all. Worst service I have seen in my whole life. Hope to never come here again.

Paul Queener

Not only was the food very good, but the young man working the drive thru was really really good at his job. I'll definitely be going back

Justin Doty

Called to place a fairly large order, Bc the app wouldn’t let me change the slaw to fries. Was told “nah not right now, we are kinda busy.” That’s fine. I’ll buy from churches.

Marilyn Foster

Feeding the husband after Dr appointment. He was quite Happy, had been NPO overnight!

Valerie Vaughn

The lady that took my order was very friendly and the food was great.

Zach Botschon

Super slow and not very nice. They act like it's a big deal to make your order and it takes an act of congress to actually get your foodbin under 25 minutes.

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