Panera Bread

481 E Loop 281, Longview
(903) 663-5200

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Jim Sorokes

I had the homemade chicken noodle and the beef & cheddar melt sandwich. Both were very tasty and the soup was nice & hot. The service was quick and friendly.

Shelyn Gall

This is my $9 salad. It's missing cilantro, and sesame seeds. This is Panerai I was expecting more than that anyway. I could of gotten a better salad at Wendys!

Ari Adams

While the food is delicious, the pricing is quite expensive. My husband ordered a whole sandwich, the price of which was around $7...but he only received half of the sandwich...but was told that it was the complete sandwich. Technically we would have had to order 2 more 1/4's of the sandwich to make it whole - and that would have been almost $15!Now, I can understand that the prices have gone up on things but clearly the definition of "half" and "whole" are completely lost at some restaurants

Elice McNeely

Food was delicious. Service was quick and friendly. Definitely a place we will visit again

Cheryl Manker

In a country where it seems no one cares about service, Panera did not disappoint. I went at an off peak time, ordered a simple half salad, no special orders... they told me they were out of gorgonzola cheese, ok, sub feta? Fine. I guess they were out of apples, red onion and chicken, too. Ugh. Please care about your clients.

Timothy Fanning

Love me some Panera!! Good food friendly service!! Need better stock of Kitchen Sink cookies though!! Goooood coookies!!

R.S. Dickerson

This was a difficult experience. I entered to no one at the counter for at least 3 minutes. Does not seem long until you actually have to wait with no one acknowledging you are there. I was standing at the counter and observed an employee headed my direction. As she approached an older customer was headed toward the counter too. This lady actually cut between me and the counter. I actually had to jump back to avoid a collision. Very surprised and a bit dismayed, I moved all the way back towards the entryway. Did that actually just happen?? Did this lady really just cut in line?? Either way I was still not acknowledged for another 2 minutes by someone willing to take my order. I do not like leaving reviews of this nature as they are subjective. Not knowing all the issues surrounding the actions of this lady and the employees. But this was a difficult interaction overall.

Taylor Cole

Honestly very disappointed. I got a full sandwich didn’t even cover the bread for a 11 dollar sandwich. Weren’t wearing hair nets and most of the staff has long hair????

M Just M

I have been to Panera many times and have never had anything I did not like I literally like everything on the menu. In a word! (Delicious)

Fayelea Mcclaskey

Pizza was cold and hard also chicken noodle soup tastes like progreso canned soup not recomend for some of the food

Dolores G.

If it weren't for the service I'd give this place 5 stars. It's a corporate owned sandwich/salad plus bakery spot. Food is good, I have been going to this location for years but I hope you never have an issue. I've had a few and they never do right by you, hospitality is not a part of their training from cashiers to managers. I still have hope someone will turn it around.

Alicia M.

We stopped here for a quick breakfast on the way to Dallas. We paid over $40 for four people to have a simple breakfast sandwich and a drink. Plus two people had fruit. In my opinion, it was pricey compared to other breakfast places. My iced vanilla latte was bitter and I didn’t taste anything vanilla in it. The food was just okay, but I think we could have gotten more tasty and filling food someplace cheaper.

David Durham

We all enjoyed our food.

Adrianne Ball

My mother who has basically lost her appetite... will eat Panera Bread! It really is always great food!!

Leslie B Howard

First experience. Nice experience.

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