Pizza Hut

1906 E Marshall Ave, Longview
(903) 753-2234

Recent Reviews

Sultan Alsharif

I really enjoyed food, and the stuff are pretty awesome

Chrissy SoCrazy

I went to the drive thru window to pay and pick my pizza up. As I drove up I noticed PIZZA HUT staff standing near the drive thru SMOKING. After paying I was told to drive up past the window I was at and someone will bring it out to me because it was not ready. I stayed in my car for 15 minutes. Once I got out of my car and went inside I asked was my pizza ready, the waitress said yes, and begin to pull it out of a delivery oven bag. I asked to speak to the manager because clearly I was forgotten outside and my pizza was not hot. The waitress said "oh dave our manager is outside smoking." I spoke to dave and he had the worst attitude. This dave character and the pizza hut staff showed NO concern about professionalism. I would like a full refund on my purchase because of the experience I had with the pizza not being hot and poor customer service.

Ashley Carr

The food was on time and delicious, and the manager, Ashley, was so nice and helpful!!

Christopher Fried

Chris, my delivery driver was very polite, kind, and very well mannered. He got my order here on time. The next time I order from Pizza Hut again, I hope he is my delivery driver again!!!!

Susan Oney

We decided to order from you guys because we haven’t in a while, due to the fact items are always forgotten. Again, one pizza was made on the wrong crust and drinks and sauces were forgotten. Also the sauce on the pepperoni pizza tasted very strange. The delivery driver was wonderful though, and he did go back and retrieve our drinks and sauces and bring them back to us.

Karen Allison

Cynthia had my order at the window quickly and was very friendly.

Charles Beatty

Friendly staff, good food at good price.

Joseph Sondgeroth

None of 4 pizzas were fully cut, all required slicing more. Cheese sticks were warm... but not crunchy at all, cooked way too short. (I wouldn't have posted it... but they made it for me based on what I had said, so uh... here it is.)


Employees & managers are very nice & helpful. Food was very good!

Joyce Parker

Jamie was very kind and friendly. Great customer service!

paul matlock

Jamie had everything ready to go as soon as I showed up. The pizzas were perfect.

Teena Elder

Great food , great fast and friendly service..??

Key T

One of the employees there, Jaime was excellent. She offered great customer service and pizza and wings were delicious.

Helena Flewellen

Pizza hut was awesome.Had not had Pizza in a long time.Fast and friendly services.Will visit again.

Carolyn Knox

They always get my order right, and they are always on time. And the food is really good!!!

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