Sam's Southern Eatery

1023 E Marshall Ave, Longview
(903) 236-2552

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Linda Bell

We've eaten at numerous Sam's Southern Eatery Locations, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Never, in any of these restaurants, have I been told the tarter and cocktail sauces are an additional $0.54 each. 2 large fish fillets, 6 large shrimp; 1 of each sauce just doesn't cut it. The food itself was good; nice and hot. Our appetizer was served with the meal, the couple with us got theirs halfway through their meal. I will just go to the Shreveport location. They give an extra fish or shrimp with your order.

Tosha J

Food was ok, they were out of oysters. The tarter sauce is different but good. When it says one fish two shrimp that's what they mean 2 shrimp ?

Monika Carothers

The quality and the quantity of the food was exceptional. When I read that I would get 15 large shrimp and two sides for 13.99 I was impressed, but when most restaurants say "large" shrimp the shrimp are butterflied to make them appear large or they are breaded so thickly the shrimp are hard to find. These, however, were huge and not overly breaded. I personally prefer cornmeal breading, but I had no complaints about how these were cooked. The slaw and red beans and rice would have been enough for a meal by themselves. My compli.ents to the chef.

Lesie Jay Rob

First and foremost, if I could give zero stars I would!!! The ordering app stated that our order would be ready in 15 to 30 minutes, which was a lie. In fact I got an email saying that the order wasn't even acknowledged by the restaurant until after we arrived.? I entered this disgusting building, and was immediately wanting to cancel my order, but I chanced it because we were starving and I love Sam's eatery. Long story short, the catfish was like rubber, my oysters were gritty with what seemed like dirt, and another oyster was filled with a nasty brown substance and tasted nothing like an oyster the red beans and rice was also nasty and only contained maybe a teaspoon of rice. I'm disappointed due to the fact that we travel a lot and compared to Sam's eatery in Shreveport/Bossier Louisiana this is trash! They need to be shut down ASAP. $40 in the trash, do yourself a favor and avoid this restaurant if your looking for even slightly decent food.

LaTasha Bryant

New cook..very rude

Audrey West

The service was absolutely awful. Both of our waitresses had a horrible attitude toward us. They rolled their eyes at us, rushed off before we could finish our sentences, wipped their noses with their hands and did not sanitize or wash them afterwards, wouldn't make any eye contact with us while we ordered our food, constantly asked us if we ordered fish even though no one at our table did, gave us napkins for appetizer plates, and were very unorganized.The inside and outside of the restaurant was extremely disgusting. The floors and tables were sticky and gross. It looked as if the floor is never swept. The bathrooms had paper towels instead of toilet paper and were very nasty. There was a door open with what looked to be a large tash bin right by the entry way. It was overall a zero star experience.

Heath Steagall

I am a huge Sam's fan. This was the worst excuse of a Sam's I have ever visited. The tables and the floors were sticky and nasty. The food was poor in quality compared to other Sam's. Both of our waitresses had a nasty attitude, and continued to roll their eyes when checking on our order. Our waitress had a very runny nose and continuesly rubbed her nose with her shirt, and hands without sanitizing, before touching our things. The restrooms were filthy and unsanitary. Based on my observations I would say the health department needs to pay this location a visit and replace whoever is running it. Sam's is usually a great place to bring the family and enjoy good food. I feel sorry that the citizens of Longview are getting their impression of Sam's in this manner.

Roy Kendall

Best Philly cheese steak sandwich I've ever had.

missi anderson

Awesome people there and great food !The music is so deep and all of the old ones play it just makes ya wanna dance ! And we have !Thanks again for everything! Hey ,tell them melissa sent you!

Reason Panta

I normally don't leave the reviews except when there's an exceptional service or very poor service. I had a very unpleasant experience at this place today. As a doordash driver I was at this place to pick up some food at 6:36 PM. Several people that came after me were served; however, it took them almost an hour (7:31) to fulfil my customer's order. By the time I delivered the food to the customer. it was 7:55. The customer was obviously not happy even though it was not my fault. And I made a whooping $6! DoorDashers/UberEaters/GrubHubers AVOID THIS PLACE!

Ms Terry Lilly ladeetee

Delicious...and tht tartar sauce off tha chain

lemon0juicy sour

Omg! Food is amazing!! Staff are friendly! Prices are really good especially for the quality and quantity of food! P.S. They have fried green tomatoes!!!!

george herod

Good eating great prices just wish they were in Dallas Texas too instead of Longview Texas

Kathleen Gessler

Have been eating here for awhile! Never disappoints. Always flavorful, fresh and delicious. Highly recommend the chicken wings and fried fish!

Chris Colosimo

This place is awesome, the batter and the jumbo shrimp and the cocktail sauce. The girl that works the register is so friendly and helpful and patient. Please tip her well, she is working her way through school and needs our help

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