T Blanco’s Mexican Cafe

1045 Gardiner Mitchell Pkwy, Longview
(903) 643-0100

Recent Reviews

Kealtis McAlister

Service was very good. Friendly staff and food was prepared extremely well.

Sarah Isbell

Great atmosphere, a local go to! Love the patio , fast and friendly service. Their hot sauce is fantastic and all of the food is delicious! This is a frequent gathering place for our group.

Jennifer Bradley

Amazing staff! Made it a very memorable day for Heather, as Ryan chose to propose to her there. She said yes! So excited for them!! The staff pulled everything off very well and service is always A+++! Great food with awesome service will always have us returning!

sean dickerson

Food was excellent, waitress was very friendly and attentive... Dined as a large party, wait was not long at all, food arrived quickly and correct for the entire group. Only negative was the bartender was rude...

DD King

If I could give this restaurant a half of a star I would. Not even 1 full star. This was my first time eating here and I was expecting it to be great. It was NOT. Our waiter Dustin was one of the worst servers that we EVER had. After getting our drink orders it took him 30 MINUTES to come and get our food orders. He walked past us about 15 times and it was not that busy for him to not take our food orders. It was only 2 of us !! He displayed HORRIBLE customer service !! My husband was ready to leave at this point but I talked him into staying. It was not worth it. The food was mediocre. I could have saved my $$ and cooked at home and would have been more satisfied !! I will definitely NOT eat here again !! If you are looking for a good meal with great tasting food and great customer service this is not the place !!

John Hodge

This amazing restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in the Longview area! I wish I had known how good it is years ago. It is definitely superior and quality to any other Mexican food restaurant in the area! I absolutely give it two thumbs up!


So came to this place on vacation because it was close to airport and had good reviews. Everything was fine until I guess a manager tall skinny guy told name was niel brought our tray of food out set in on another table for 5 mins and when the server who was super busy asked for help he said he didn’t have time or knew where the food went. After my server which was awesome passed our food out I asked to speak to that manager and he wouldn’t come to the table. Upon leaving I say him in the front and asked him why he spoke to the sever the way he did and why did he not help to which he told me have a nice day she is capable. I’ve been in the industry for quite some time and this is beyond belief how he treated his employee. He is a cancer get rid of it before it cost you more.

Delia Mackenzie

Very overpriced for the quality of food.I did not like the chewy cheese enchilada or the taco that tasted like taco bell meat! Awesome salsa and margaritas but we sat next to very loud small child that ruined the meal and I am just really dissatisfied

Amye Reece

We have been there twice. It's awesome, clean, restrooms are clean. And great customer service

Camryn Middleton

I have been twice (so far), and both times have been a wonderful experience! First off, the salsa is GREAT! It has good heat and flavor. I also really like the burrito, since you can pick a sauce to put over it (queso is the best in my opinion!). I would say, if you have never been, ask for the sauce on the side so that you can try it before drowning your burrito in it like I do. Happy hour also has very good margaritas ?. We definitely will be returning

Boi Pizzle

So before coming here, I noticed this place has great star rating and mixed reviews. So, I've decided to review this place as service is rendered to me today. So far, the environment is welcoming, they've accommodated my every need(extra salsa for chips, sat my by an outlet So I could charge my sons dead iPhone, and allowed a party of 4 to push 2 tables together.... shift end waiter swap was seamless!.....my order of fajitas seemed disappointing as the presentation is very different than I've ever seen but the presentation is pretty just no hot plate.(JESUS! THESE ARE RHE BEST FAJITAS IVE EVER HAD!!!! OMG THE STEAK FLAVOR IS AWESOME, WOW)....overall I would give 4.5 stars, the server was mediocre, but nice. Definitely recommend ....5 stars if they have taco Tuesdays!!! Yes, go and thank me later ?????.5

Gabriella Victory

They are not flexible with orders. Doing your best to keep your customers happy always wins in the long run and brings you repeat happy customers. Most people with successful business understand this basic concept.

Justin Jonez

Prime beef and shrimp fajitas were absolutely delicious. Best charro beans I've ever had. Easily the best mexican food I've had in Texas. Chips and salsa and margaritas were also good. Quick friendly service. A must go to for anyone going near the airport.

Irish Man

Me and my party was not worth making sweet tea for at 8 when they close at ten.Management wouldn't even give us sugar. Canceled our order and left. Less than a dollar of sugar was not worth our 60 to 80 dollar order???? Needs new management.I pass this place EVERYDAY going and from work. This was the second time I had tried the place. Went again dispite the unbelievable service of last time. Didn't get what I had ordered the first time I was there it was totally different. It was so loud I there a picture literally fell off the wall. Something is wrong with the the management at this place. Was told point blank that it depends on what management is on as to how your experience will be. One out of three times I've been was good. If this place was for sale id buy it and fire the management. Me and my party was not worth some sugar.. pathetic.

Idela Murry

Very friendly environment, very suitable for all needs such as friends or family gatherings.Very well liked in surrounding towns. Food is wonderful and Margaritas are top of the shelf.I and my friends love T-Blanco's.?❤️

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