Taco Bell

2553 Judson Rd, Longview
(903) 758-1910

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Matthew Fisher

Went into lobby to place order for dine in. Placed my order at the kiosk, then went to the counter to pay cash. Front counter girl told me that she has no way for me to pay with cash and that I would need to go through the drive thru to place my order for dine in. This is ridiculous. I understand that they are short handed but having to go through a drive thru to place an order for dine in is just unheard of. I wanted to submit a survey about the incident but I didn't receive a receipt. Also asked for a water cup and never received it.

Trayvious Dunn

It was a pick up for my job. I don't remember the visit but I like the texas painting on the building .

Lisa Petersen

There is literally a manager's meeting in the lobby and I stood there with my 2 kids for 5 minutes while employees passed me and didn't say one word. Didn't even acknowledge our existence. Ummm not one person from the 10 people sitting in the meeting, 6 feet away from me, said anything to me, EVEN AS I TURNED AND WALKED OUT. What kind of a business does this?? What universe do I live in? Will never come back

W.D Waller

Most of the time, I'm a TB fan. Love Mexican food, usually fast food is a must. (Can we agree, some fast food joints are NOT fast?) This particular TB was super fast, like, if I didn't know better I'd have sworn they read my mind. They literally had my order ready before I got to the window. Could it have been a tad warmer? Probably. But all in all, a great fast food dining experience! Thumbs up!

Kori Thompson

We have ordered from this particular Taco Bell several times. We’ve gotten home three different times just this month missing part of our order. Very frustrating.


Friendly staff, quick food delivery.

donna sikes

Cold until inviting

alex Alvarez

Was good, but employee's were just in back and told me I had 2 use kiosk cause they were locked out.

Loy Cox

Its taco bell! Smaller menu, usual sub par food

Steve Kinyon

Cheap price and nice people

Destoney Minix

The Male manager is just soo rude.Closing the window in my face After I kindly Asked to add a burrito to my order. He said to drive back around in line and order again. Wow! OkHORRIBLE customer service. Do you hate ur job??Well have a Blessed Day1:33 on a Wednesday

Opie Luv

Very clean inside, and very fast with the kiosk, very kind crew.

Jody Shedd

Might as well shut down the inside and just have a drive thru.....stood there for 10-15 minutes on my 30 minute lunch. While 2 employees looked at me and went back to serving drive thru only. Couldn’t even acknowledge you had a customer standing there???? Finally left...will go somewhere else where they actually WANT the business. I’m sure the guy behind me left as well.

Sandra Noble

I ordered some food for a friend and when she opened the bag the taco and chalupa were ice cold. The chalupa shell was practically frozen with very little meat inside. Try hot food for better service?

Addi C.

drove to taco bell and ordered 4 cinnamon twists , and they all tasted like chemicals !! i have ordered cinnamon twists multiple times from this same taco bell and i would at least expect to have one decent batch that doesn't taste like chemicals . i have a horrible taste in my mouth now !!!!

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