The Belle Pepper Cafe

4196 E Marshall Ave, Longview
(903) 757-9397

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Food was a bit greasy, but the waitress was very nice. Disliked the OAN network in the background which set the atmosphere.

m roude

Welcoming and warm!!!!The moment I stepped in I was greeted with smiles by the owner and her family. The food and service are excellent and everything's made with love; its obvious they take pride in what they do. It's simple American cuisine, delicious southern food, and for as long as I stay in Longview Texas they will always have my business.The biscuits are the best I've had, eggs are fluffy, grits are D-licious, but that buttermilk pie....

Betsy Madan

The best place!!! We’ve enjoyed eating here when we’d come to Texas to visit our kids and we love it even more now that we live here

Dee Parks

The waitstaff was outstanding, so friendly and make you feel right at home! And the food, excellent ?????will definitely be back

Mark Cook

Very good food... A bit unusual to add basically 4 bucks for a meat in my omelet which made the breakfast a tiny bit spendy but considering the taste of the food we will be back.

Taynia Parker

I had the Liver and Onions. It was good,but I would love je mine cooked a little bit longer. Cabbage had a wonderful taste and the collards need a little bacon grease or more in them . Go eat you are still going to love it!

Corey Clendening

The food was great, I wish I had taken pics! The coffee was hot and had a great flavor, with plenty of cream and sugar, never had to ask for a warm up, or for extra half and half. They even got an extra bowl of the cream cups for our kids to play with, such a great staff.From the initial sit-down, you could hear the kitchen staff working. The chatter from the back of the house was so positive! Nothing but compliments and quick orders coming outta here, they were on the ball! I've worked in a kitchen before, they don't all sound like this. I believe it honestly makes the whole meal better when it's made with love, these folks enjoy what they do and who they work with.....that's hard to find in a restaurant for sure, it speaks volumes to me.Wifey had an omelette and it was fresh from scratch. The veggies weren't overcooked, and the flip was perfect, not overly cheesed. The kids wanted the Texas waffle, so they got one each, they were crisp on the outside and soft inside, just as you want a waffle to be. Came with melted butter to pour on top, they loved each and every bite. I got eggs, sausage, home fries and pancakes, the breakfast special they call it. My eggs were over medium and they were cooked perfectly, hard to find nowdays believe it or not. The pancakes were so fluffy, and didn't fall apart like most big chain pancakes do.The only complaint I had from the food was the was margarine/vegetable oil tubs, not real whipped butter. From a local icon, I expect whipped butter.....not plastic reimagined. That and real maple syrup, not the fructose corn syrup crud.....This is the only reason it wasn't 5 stars.The owners were on site, and so pleasant to talk with. They were happy we had found the place and welcoming to my family. Almost like grandma and grandpa welcoming you in their home for breakfast. We talked about their trek to East Texas, and how they had come to find roots at the cafe. It was a great overall experience. I will be back again, in hopes of switching the 4 stars to 5. They were so wonderful. Affordable breakfast, great staff, great product overall. Highly recommend.

John Willis

Great place and taco Tuesday can't be beat.

Jane McSwain

Excellent food, great staff and down home vibe. Highly recommend.

Chris Howell

I've been coming here for years and they serve some of the best pancakes I've ever had. Unfortunately though, the rest of it seems to be going down hill. The last few times my wife and I were in the service was pretty poor and the food wasn't very good. (watery eggs, cold, etc...). This last time we were in we probably waited 15 minutes just for menus and drink orders then another 15 - 20 minutes to get our food.All the while we watched some of those who came in after us get their orders within minutes. Maybe they called ahead or something, it's just never been that bad before. We won't be going back for quite a while.

matt richardson

Good home cooking food with lots of options to choose from.

Pamela Ray

Very good. Hugh portions, more than I could eat.

Leslie Griffin

I was glad we were there a little before noon because it filled up! It was Friday, I chose the catfish special. It was the best I've had since moving here 3 years ago. My husband had the pattymelt and onion rings, also delicious! Also, nothing was greasy - one napkin was sufincident. Only disappointment, they were out of the pie we wanted. So, order dessert first - even if you end up taking it home because you're full

bobby hollingsworth

Fantastic food and people. Very good prices.

Troy Crane

Great homecoming and small town cafe. Friendly, like family, servers that are happy to serve you! Highly recommend!

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