4220 82nd St, Lubbock
(806) 792-6868

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Betsy Wilson

Good is always great and of course we love watching the chefs cook!!!


Our waitress was subpar. The gyoza was of lesser quality and taste than you can get from the freezer section from Walmart. Our waitress served a refill of a refreshment in a glass that still had the previous patrons lipstick on the rim. Overall the sushi was on par with average quality served in lubbock. Come here if you want to overspend on a lackluster experience.

Lee Santiago

Lunch hour was busy, but my waitress did her best. All the food was wonderful and service was great!Thank you for honoring the military!

Anna Escobedo

Last minute date night with my Old Man on our visit to Lubbock and we got Emerson as our Hibachi Chef. He was amazing. Great food and awesome service. Thank you for adding to our night.

Bryana Murphy

Karrlyn was the best waiter ever! This place is the best authentic Japanese restaurant ever!

Justin Lee Chapa

My family chose this place to gather and eat as we were going to be celebrating a family members birthday. There were going to be a total of 18 of us and I was already frustrated by the fact that they would not seat us until ALL 18 family members had arrived, But I sort of understood that it wouldn't be fair to seat us as each person arrived because that would mean that OTHER customers would be waiting longer than usual solely because we were still waiting on other members of our party to arrive. So finally everyone arrives and they finally start showing us to our seats, and they already had one of the private party rooms closed and reserved for our group. Which means they that COULD have gone ahead and sat it's as we got there but just chose not to.And this is the response I received from the owner.....******Response from the owner 17 minutes agoTwo signs on each door in English and Spanish. We have to be fair to all of our guest. We extended you the courtesy of seating before your full party was here. Sorry that this was an inconvenience*******First I just have to ask what you're trying to imply when you say, " 2 signs on the door IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH? Yes every single one of us are Hispanic. Hispanic = Mexican American and although yes we can read and speak in both English and Spanish there is no reason to be so unprofessional and just flat out rude and ignorant to point out the fact that you have signs posted "IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH! Because the bottom line is that, regardless of race, religion, Creed, or anything else for that matter, we are STILL your customers and bottom line, if it weren't for us, you wouldn't have a paycheck! Think before you speak next time!!

Tracy Foster

We LOVED our dinner and hibachi experience at Hayashi! We live out of town, but Hayashi was recommended to us and it did not disappoint. TJ was our chef and not only was the food excellent, he was great to talk with while he prepared our food. The servings were large and we enjoyed everything. We will definitely be back!

Jessica Stone Wilbanks

We love it here! TJ is the best chef! Funny and entertaining. The food is always amazing.

Britanya Williams

Yummy! Philadelphia Roll was delicious, the avocado and cream cheese compliments the salmon. Jack was the best! Hibachi steak and shrimp ?!!


Best place for hibachi in all of Lubbock. Make sure to make reservations as there is always a wait.

Connie Tran

The service there was super fast and efficient and our waitress was amazing! My boyfriend have their steak and scallops hibachi and then his opinion is the best cook scallops I am in a long long time! So definitely I would recommend this place!

The Jungle E.

If you are looking die of sodium overdose or a heart attack, this is the place for you. I came here with the family to celebrate an anniversary. We sat at the grill with several other people. A spread of beef, chicken, shrimp, scallops and other stuff was ordered and I got to watch it all cook right in front of me. By the time it was done, I was afraid for my life. This restaurant knows only three flavors SALT BUTTER SOY SAUCE It does not matter what you order, it going to be cooked with the same exact three things, Salt, Butter, and Soy Sauce. And LOTS of it. Basically, everything were ordered from appetizers to salad dressing was overvdalted. The soup was pretty much Soy Sauce soup. I love soup but could not eat it. I am not saying the food was horrible tasting, but you had better love salt and butter, because that is all they know. Salt and butter are good flavors, but for oriental restaurants to only know two flavors for everything is not normal. It was a surprise for me. Now, I have to honest, the rest of the restaurant is pretty nice. The decor was good, and the service was great. Our servers was fun and lively. Our chef did an okay job but I have seen much better hibachi chefs. But I am not impressed with show. I go to a restaurant for good food. If I want a quality show, I will go to a theater. Personally, this will be my one an only trip to this location. I like spice, and this place does not know what spice is. Butter and salt are core flavors, they are not spice. I want flavors, not just one flavor. Some people are salt people and that is the only flavor they want. If that is you, you will love this place. It is the place for you.

Virginia Garcia Paez

Very good customer service, excellent food.

Tyson Sigler

It took an hour to get food. the appetizers came out after the food. The manager was rude when we said something about the wait. We where served the lunch hibachi meal at dinner price. The oil that the tempura cooked in tasted rotten and it was soggy. I will never return. I used to love that restaurant.

Sydney Ward

the food was nasty. management was terrible. his excuse for the terrible food and long wait was “there were too many carry out orders” then argued with us about how we were lying it took so long. will not be going back. after we complained and asked for our appetizer we’d been waiting an hour for, he walked away and never came back.

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