La Sirena

2610 Salem Ave, Lubbock
(806) 368-7960

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Shellita Peshlakai

We came to celebrate our friend Norma for her birthday. We were delighted as we started with the charcuterie petite cheese board and the salsa trio. It was a great combination to satisfy everyone's preference. The food was AMAZING! So many choices and I ordered the Pan Seared Salmon Veracruz. It was delightful and needed no extra salt or pepper. It was wonderful! Our waiter was an absolute gentleman and very attentive. I recommend this to everyone, you should go for any special occasion. 5

Reynaldo Diaz

What a surprise! Traveling through Lubbock, stopped in for dinner on a Friday night and it was fantastic! Food was delicious. Excellent tequila selection.

Sean Davis

Wonderful place for quality cocktails and delicious food! Atmosphere is cozy and upscale, service is friendly and helpful. Hard to find another place quite like this. 5 stars.


We chose La Sirena as our dinner destination, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. From reading other reviews, we knew that it was a little hidden gem in Lubbock, and we were excited to give it a try. Being a Wednesday night, we were hoping we could get in with no reservation, and it was no problem- we were seated right away. However, once we were seated we realized how loud it was in the restaurant. Our server came over to introduce himself and take our drink orders, and basically had to be within inches of us to heard, or to hear us. We were unable to carry on a conversation at dinner because of the noise (we were in the smaller section of the restaurant, and that section was full). However, once our food came out, it made the noise worth it. The food was outstanding! I had the Vegan Enchiladas, and I didn't want it to end. We did skip drinks and desserts because of the noise. We will definitely come back, but we will request to be sat on the patio.

Wade Franklin

Great atmosphere. Santa Fe vibe. Really wanted the food to be great but it’s not. Too many components to each dish. We had the salmon, flank steak and strip steak. All 3 have too much going on to enjoy true quality ingredients. Good drinks, nice decor and great service. Just wish the food was better.


The food and atmosphere is a refreshing escape from “Lubbock”. It’s clean, classy and cozy. Our favorite date spot. Must get a cocktail!

Danny S.

The shareables, drinks and service were just ok. The entrees were super small portions that were over priced. $32 for maybe 4 ounces of skirt steak that was as tough as shoe leather with no flavor except the excess salt. And then there was the raw pork chop. Nice try, but once and done.

Amber Thomas

Super expensive, poor quality, very little choices and the food was very bland. The green chili enchiladas had no flavor at all. It looks nice the ambiance but id never go back

Kala B.

my partner and i havent gone out for a bougie meal since before the pandemic. la sirena was a good way to restart our foodie desires. the main entree (enchilada) was severely lacking seasoning. the tostada was decent: meat was cooked perfect but the seasonings were also lacking. they need to use more salt! the poblano fries (lightly battered and fried poblano peppers cut into strips) and the accompanying vinaigrette were amazing! our server abby was also great! came by at appropriate intervals to check on us and make sure we were staying adequately hydrated (with alcohol). the jazz was a nice touch and the patio is too cute not to sit outside.

Gina Brammer

Best food I’ve eaten in Lubbock!! Nice to have this quality- enjoyed every bite! Salads fresh and delicious, charred Brussel sprouts were amazing, shredded chicken taco- type bowl was wonderfully prepared- the 3 salsa and chips were worth the price! Desserts, especially the key lime pie was fantastic. I had the Paloma martini, five stars.... go if you can afford it. I hope this gem continues to thrive in Lubbock. More chefs who understand fine food are needed in this town. It’s my place to go whenever I’m in town!!!

Jenna Moore, RD, CSSD

La Sirena De Cocina - The Kitchen of the Siren. I walked into the atrium just grateful to know that there were open seats somewhere. The hostess took me under her wing, knowing fully (but never showing) that the sea was most certainly well under high tide.The beauty and the charm of the courtyard was enough to lower my inhibitions to allow this hostess to determine my choices for the evening. Type A personality here. That is saying something. The watermelon margarita was a generous portion and just enough to sweep me away. I was excited for the pork chop... But seriously... THAT PORK CHOP. I don't know how I am ever supposed to eat cilantro without mezcal smoked cherries again!!And then there was the Chile tart. The only words that are coming to mind are "[email protected]$ yes." It was perfect. Everything was perfect. I'm coming here again.I've been to many kitchens in Lubbock. Not one of them even come close to The Siren's. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jimisa C.

Honestly for the price it isn't worth it. No seasoning at all! I was debating between here and The funky door and I should've went there!

Olga P

Nice place and great first impression, but salmon , one of the dishes we ordered, was not fresh and made our friend sick.


Why haven’t I discovered sooner??? Are you kidden me? Fantastic atmosphere and better service but the most surprising — Food and drink cocktails were off the chart!!! Exceptionally fantastic! Truly a great experience. Appetizer of Poblano fries and chips salsa - great. Tequila mermaids water equally great. Pork chop, out of this world. Salmon dish spectacular with the Brussels sprouts?? Shut the door... sooo good. Filet with poblano was ridiculous. We finished w coffee, cream and cinnamon something something tequila! You will crave it. Go enjoy - truly a gem in Lubbock. Ohhhh and our server was spectacular. Nicely done by all.

Lindsey R.

Terrible service. Called in advance to check if restaurant had vegan options, was told they did. Got to the restaurant and was met with the worst, most unresponsive, unhelpful, rude waitress I've ever encountered. When our table asked about vegan meals options her response was "the chef changes the menu all the time". We were at least expecting her to offer to ask the kitchen for vegan options or suggest possible menu items. We also communicated to her we were in a rush and we had to ask for the check multiple times. We were one of two tables in the whole restaurant, don't understand why it took 20 minutes to get the check printed. In those 20 mins the waitress did come up to our table multiple time to just sand & stare. It was really weird. She did it about four times, without saying a single word, before one of us got up to ask for our checks again. We were there celebrating a birthday and had to ask multiple times for the cake we brought to be brought out from the kitchen. Took almost 30 mins & us asking multiple times get the cake to our table. We asked for a drink menu and the only thing the waitress said was "I already took it away". Like, okay? We know, that's why we're asking if we can see it again? She didn't bring the drink menu out again just stood there. The restaurant itself is ADORABLE and the food is alright, but I wouldn't recommend this restaurant solely based on the off chance you may be stuck with the same waitress we had. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if the waitress was just too high to function, because that's what it seemed like.

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