One Guy from Italy University

1101 University Ave, Lubbock
(806) 747-1226

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Bad service - it’s one thing to have someone take your order when you arrive, but to have someone take your order with a attitude. I use to frequent this place when I was in college, Jerry or Dario would greet you with a big Italian smile, “Beautiful”. Today you are greeted with a what’s up, you know what you want. This place was a staple for TTU students for years, today it’s just a so so fast food joint. Totally disappointed. What a loss to the old Overton Neighborhood!!!


I’ve been a life-long customer of One Guys. Recently, things have changed and I am assuming it’s under new ownership. With new ownership comes unwelcome changes.... While walking in this afternoon, I was no longer greeted by Dario, Jerry, or Sal... No, “Hey Paisano, welcome my friend, get a free cup while you wait for your pizza.” Instead, unknown faces, employees too busy talking to each other, and an unfamiliar feeling. Saying to myself, “I’ve eaten here for 28 years; the food will at least taste the same”. I retrieved my order, took it home, and was thoroughly disappointed.... The whole recipe was different. The crust tasted like cardboard and the cheese wasn’t the same.... I once described One Guys as having the best pizza in Texas. Today, it was a major disappointment. To management: Whatever you did in effort to cut costs lost you a patrol of 28 years. Terrible....

Jake Syma

Always a great time, always great food, and always fast.

Akela Dawson

I've been several times now when I got to vising my Tech student. The staff is always friendly and helpful and the food is always delicious with a great location across from campus! A must visit eatery.

Isidore Olivarez

I have never had a bad experience here at this location. This is the best One Guy location in Lubbock. Very relaxed and friendly staff. The pizza here sticks out very much h compared to places such as pizza hut or dominos. It is very good pizza especially the calzones. I recommend trying the calzones!

Josaphat Lee

Beautiful place with a very, very dimly lit space for their one small pool table. Until as of late, didn't afford this older person the same level of courtesy that they routinely offer younger clientele.

yvette gomez

They are so friendly and nice even when they are busy love them here

Oscar Andres

Veggie pizza was great!! Calzone was good but the meatloaf was a bit heavy

Louise Anders

By far the best pizza place I love to go with my family !!!!!! Always great service an the manger is just friendly will definitely recommend this place !!!❤️

Ron A.

Great place to eat for calzones, pizza, pretty much anything you order. Service is always good.

Shaun Patman

How does this place have 1146 Reviews with 4.6 stars? That is a pure sign that this pizza joint is next to a major college. There is also a cookie delivery joint a block away that delivers until 3am for all the college kids with munchies. Low prices, big servings and great service were the good points. Nice Pizza Joint vibe and decor too. The Margherita Pizza has huge wedges of tomatoes that belong in a salad not on pizza. Should be thinly sliced. The basil was grated, not fresh leaves like normal. Shredded out of a bag mozzarella, not small chunks pulled straight off a fresh ball of mozzarella. The Calamari is sticks not rings and tentacles. The quality of food overall reminded me of a mom & pop pizza buffet that the kids want to go to because they have video games and a slide. This is the most disappointing place I've been to in Lubbock.

Avnik Singh

Usually an amazing place until my most recent visit went in ordered pasta and calamari only had about 6 pieces of the calamari because it didn't taste the best and it smelled super fishy, biggest mistake calamari ended up giving my food poisoning. Worst part is I had to go into work and work a 12 hour shift due to the fact we only had minimal manning. Probably wont be coming back in a long time

mary a.

I am stopping in Lubbock spending the night. A friend highly recommended this restaurant. I ordered a pepperoni and sausage calzone and my husband ordered the wings. What you see in the photo is all the sausage that was in my calzone. There was only 4 slices of pepperoni. I was very upset but I went ahead and ate it. I was tired and have been driving all day. Plus I have never had to purchase marinara sauce for a calzone. Usually they are complementary. Overall taste was ok. Most of my calzone consisted of crust. I guess you can say I ate nothing but crust. But like I said I was tired. My husband did enjoy his wings.

Allen Vermeulen

It's pizza. I love pizza. Would have rated higher if it weren't for the cashier.

Andrew Valenzuela

The calzone tasted fine but it was greasy to high hell. Every time I bit into it it just poured out. Pretty icky. The condiments section was thrashed so salt/pepper was everywhere. And the staff was rude and dull.

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