Rave On

1300 Mac Davis Ln, Lubbock
(806) 451-1837

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B Street Studio

Great upscale lunch spot. All diners enjoyed their meals. No pictures taken.

Clint Bingham

Amazing pork chop and short ribs. Incredible service.

Emily D.

Went to Rave On tonight for the first time and the meal was wonderful. I am giving this restaurant one star because at the end of our dinner we were kicked out very rudely without any explanation. As a waitress for the past three years, seeing this behavior from a manager was absolutely appalling. We were told that the rest of our meal was canceled and was given a ticket without the meals and drinks of the 10 people at the table being split up. I have never seen service like this. When approaching the servers and security to discuss the problem we were never given no answer. Terrible service, great food. Will not be returning.

Joshua S

Overpriced, pretentious, and supremely disappointing. I ordered the ribeye, which was overcooked and underseasoned, sent it back, only to get a steak that was cold. My wife's meal was the seafood pasta, which was extremely salty and rubbery.These were essentially the highest dollar items on the menu. I would never order them, or likely anything else from this restaurant, again.In response to owner's response: We were charged full ticket price, and waited an extended period of time for the server to bring our ticket. Your drinks were fantastic. We wanted to love our experience, we often hunt for the newest and nicest. We were very disappointed that this was our experience.

Jill C.

My husband and I have been twice and the first time was five stars. Our second visit was three stars. The food is very good but it was cold. The coconut cake was dry. We will give them one more chance!

Mary Lou L.

Rave On was recommended by a friend. It did not disappoint!!! George was our waiter and was great!!! Very attentive and caring:). Ordered pomegranate mojito and it was refreshing and delicious!!! Dinner was the pork chop and it was perfectly prepared. Loved this place!! Will definitely be back when in Lubbock!!!

Kim Stepp

Wonderful food and atmosphere!!! Service, top notch! Highly recommended the salmon and pasta carbonara! Really enjoyed our visit! Oh, and the drinks are off the charts! Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

Lydia C.

Wonderful to have a nice restaurant on the north side. Food and atmosphere were really great. Hubby's short rib was very good but paired with an equally rich pasta was a little much. My vegetarian ravioli were delicious and huge. Coconut cake was also very good. Minor hiccup when paying...$119 bill and put down two $100 bills and waiter asked if we wanted change. Uh, yes. They have valet parking!

Perry C.

Yelp won't let you rate with 1/2 stars, but this is actually a 3 1/2 star review. Atmosphere: 5 Stars - Atmosphere is bright & open, but still feels cozy and not echoey so that you have to speak over those around you. Very relaxed, and the staff reflects that. Service: 4 Stars - There's really nothing unforgivably wrong with the service. Just a couple of observations. 1) the courses were brought out rather quickly and we would have liked a little more time for one course to settle before the next was brought to the table. 2) The wait staff needs additional training in how to present and open a bottle of wine. Our waitress was pretty nervous and apologetic as she opened our bottle. All she needed was a little more training so that she can gain confidence. For this to be a "fine dining" experience, this added attention could enhance this considerably. Food: 3.5 Stars - We ordered the Crab Cake as an appetizer (5 stars). It was quite good and presented well. We then shared the Caesar Salad (4 stars). It was also very good, but was pretty complicated to cut as it was served as a head of Romaine lettuce with the stem still attached. Going the extra step and removing the stem would have been less effort for us as we were afraid that something would slip and fall off of the plate. I ordered the 8oz Filet, (definitely 4+ stars). Cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly, and just enough sauce to enhance the steak and not overtake it. Asparagus perfectly tender and crispy. The highlight of this meal, for sure. My wife ordered the Red Sapper (3 stars). The skin was cooked crisp and seasoned perfectly; however, it was overtaken by a sauce that robbed the skin of its crispiness and had to be removed--which meant the seasoning had to go with it. The fish itself needed that seasoning. This was disappointing. We finished with the 7-layer Coconut Cake (3 stars). The presentation was cause for much excitement and expectation. But, it was disappointingly dry, and dominated by coconut flakes. There wasn't much that could have saved this. Price: 4 Stars - We knew going in that this was going to be a pricy meal, so there's not much to complain about. But giving more attention to detail will raise this review up a star. An overall adequate dining experience, but people are going to nit-pick this place as it is advertised as "fine dining", and those nit-picks need to be addressed.

Michelle M.

Let's start with the ambiance! This place is gorgeous. Well thought out upscale design. Also: location! There needed to be a more fine dining-esque place in the arts district. The bartenders are REAL bartenders that know classic cocktails. And the food is awesome! The crab cake was like I was eating it on the shore and I will be back for that ravioli and the dessert tacos again and again

Glenn L.

Wow this place is beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful place in Lubbock. But they need to pull the weeds. Get the burger. Brisket, ground chuck, and short rib burger. It was amazing. Sit at the bar and grab some amazing drinks.

Irma Gwin

The food was delicious, but the Best part of the whole experience was the complementary valet parking!!! It was a life saver.?

Tonya Tugman-Reasoner

Great appetizers and soups, and the coconut cake was delicious!!

Erika Skrimager

Everything was delicious

Troy C.

Very good food, fun atmosphere, great place to entertain! If you haven't tried Rave On, I highly recommend it.

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