Sakura Noodle House & Sushi Bar

4520 50th St, Lubbock
(806) 368-7046

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Haley Hughes

I won't lie, it's a bit sketchy when you see it at first. The building could use some tlc.The food, however, is amazing. My favorite roll so far is the firecracker roll (so good) and the takoyaki is delicious!

Pac Man

Very good! Price okay. I had vegetable habachi it was really good

Johnney Ehrlich

This was a diamond in the rough. From the outside it was very run down, parking lot over grown, and no vehicles. We nearly drove away. I am so glad I didn't. We rolled the dice and went in. No customers at 7pm on a Wednesday night. We went in an were greeted by the family that owns and runs the restaurant. They were so incredibly warm and welcoming. And the food as absolutely amazing. We did two bento box with 8 items in each. The portions were large, hot and fresh. And probably the best and most authentic Chinese food I have ever had. I am typically very picky with Asian food. But this felt like I was invited into someone's home and served an amazing home cooked meal. Please don't let the cover of this book fool you. It was worth every penny and then some.

Erin Howell

We've gone here a couple times now and the food is always the best, the only complaint I have is its hot in there!!

Nicole S

We ordered ramen, and it was delicious! We would definitely go back.

Eric Benton

I make an effort to try a new Ramen place when traveling and Sakura was what caught my eye. (It was close to me).I'll start with the pros:The parking lot and restaurant were empty, so I had it all to myself!The inside was very clean and presentable, I thought the bridge over the pond was cute.The owner was very nice and prompt.It was filling.I sat down, got my food, ate and left within 30 minutes.Cons:It was very dark and hot inside, I assume the A/C was out or it's too hot outside for a swamp cooler to work properly.One of the first things I noticed was a human trafficking sign, that threw me off a bit.I ordered the Spicy Pork Ramen with Tonkotsu Bone Broth and here's where I was disappointed. I heard a microwave open and close three times. As mentioned I was the only one in the restaurant so it was fairly obvious it was my order. This is the only time I've had ramen with ground pork, but the flavor of the pork saved the day, it was very tasty. The noodles and broth however had the flavor of instant ramen. Not joking.I'm not saying don't come here, but if you order the Ramen for 14.02, you're going to be disappointed.

Kris otto

Had lunch here following a motorcycle ride - clean - good service - our Bento boxes were tasty - will come back again to try different items for sure - Thanks

Marian Olivarria

Best sushi I’ve had in Lubbock! Definitely coming again

Kristina Osipova

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. My friend came a bit earlier than me, but when I came in, the server completely ignored me. Even after I got my beverage, he still ignored me and did not ask for my order. So, I left. Never coming back again and don’t recommend. Food is overpriced as well.

Andrew Valenzuela

Such a sad place to see. The parking lot and building is just not taken care of and it looks abandoned. The inside is nice to look at however when we came the AC was completely out. Not only that but the whole hour we dined in no one showed up to eat. It was like a ghost town. The Ramen was definitely not a redeemable factor at $14 bucks. The restaurant is just being wasted upon and needs a complete overhaul.

jack butcher

Sushi and fried rice was very good. Definitely a must go if you want sushi.

Mario Barraza

The ramen is incredible! But what is better is there sushi. Very very tasty and there fish choices are so fresh and flavorful. Very impressed all around with there menu. Highly recommend there firecracker roll! One of my favorite Japanese restaurant in town.

Joy Sung

One of my favorite Asian Restaurants in Lubbock! Very delicious food. Owners are super nice people and they are real good cook!

Jenna Cavitt

Love the sushi and bento boxes.

Morgan L.

This is the best pork with ramen in tonkatsu that I have had since I was in Hawaii. 5 stars for great food, great portions and a great price. They are not allowing guests inside so it was nice for me to pick up authentic food for dinner in 30 minutes! Can not wait to try what else he has to offer!

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Sakura Noodle House & Sushi Bar

4520 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79414
(806) 368-7046