Thai Kitchen

2302 Texas Ave, Lubbock
(806) 782-8689

Recent Reviews

Seth Hamilton

Best Thai food in west Texas. Get it extra spicy.

Adriean Becerra

By far the BEST Thai food I have ever eaten. Would definitely recommend to everybody. I had the chicken fried rice spicy. And let me just say it’s was SPICY! will be ordering often from Thai Kitchen!

Meily A.

My absolutely favorite Thai place ever. I haven't found any other restaurant with better fish cakes. I have a lot of Thai friends and they all agree this is the most authentic Thai restaurant in Lubbock. Service is fast too.

Rianna R.

The best Thai place in Lubbock. I usually call as soon as the open because sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes just to place a to-go order. Please be patient there is limited staff and high demand I love this place-- best fried tofu in Texas!

Chris A.

Hands down my favorite restaurant in Lubbock! Delicious large portions for a great price with a large menu selection. I never get tired of this place!

Saoaosipiaoso Mtijro

Probably my favorite Thai food in Lubbock. I recommend the fresh spring rolls to start. The peanut sauce is more gelatinous than normal but I like the texture combo with the fresh veggies! The pad thai here is great but Im a big fan of the tom yum soup. I come back again and again for that soup.

Robert Trejo

The best experience I have had in a long time. Food was GREAT!!!! I WOULD DRIVE ANOTHER HOUR AND A HALF TO EAT HERE AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Jean K

Delicious! The fish cakes were a little rubbery but flavor was good. Only complaint is the spicy food I ordered was not spicy at all, next time will tell them to make it extra spicy.


I have lived in Lubbock for a year and a half with my precious wonderful husband, but I was missing the pad thai I used to get at a place in Las Vegas. I had tried a few places, and they just didn't cut it. Thai Kitchen totally satisfied my year and a half craving, we squeezed half a lemon on it and put on hot sauce and it was as if I was at kung fu again, thank you Thai Kitchen ?

Emilia A.

I was so happy to find this place. It had vegetation options . I loved the fried rice with veggies and tofu. The red curry was delish too. I ordered to go it was ready in 15 minutes.

Ryan Shaw

You know you've got the right Thai spot when the focus is on the food, not the decor. We couldn't go in due to COVID restrictions, but the food was amazing. The red and Panang curries were great with a good amount of spice. I highly recommend this location for wonderful Thai fare.

Jeffrey Gilbert

This is the best restaurant in Lubbock - hands down!! The food is super fresh and almost too affordable. Definitely visit and support these fine folks!

BadKitty 747

better then any place is plano or dallas!and best peanut sauce ever!

Joseph S.

Thai Kitchen is great! I've only been here in Lubbock since the past fall, so I haven't had the chance to dine inside, but I like their pickup method and the food is always superb. Best Thai food in Lubbock I've had so far!

John Akoto

Best Thai food I've tried in America, better than in SF, NY, STL, Houston etc

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