Pie Bar

6620 Milwaukee Ave #950, Lubbock
(806) 687-2618

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Rebecca M.

YES YES YES! Local and amazing. Come have a sweet treat and enjoy a great atmosphere. Great for a date night or a sweet treat with the family. Winner with my family every time!

Nancy W.

Very cute location, love the farmhouse decor. The consistency of the mouse was not rich or decadent. It tasted more like flavored whipped topping. It was too sweet and fluffy for my liking. I would have preferred actual pie filling - not pie topping. It sounds like the company changed their menu and their recipe for their mousse. Originally they had fresh baked pies and cheesecakes that you would put a scoop of the mousse topping on top... now there is no pie - just the topping. If you are a pie bar... why no pie? My 2 stars are for the staff and the decor.

Tracy Bel

Love the cool vibe and the pies are absolutely to die for. Very unique way of making your own pie. You can pick your pie crust, mousse, and topping, or you can have one of their already made pies. Whatever you choose it will be amazing. I had the birthday cake with blonde crust. It was delicious. Can't wait to go back and try more flavours.

Trevor J.

This was such a fun little place to visit and not what I expected at all. It's really a mousse bar, with the option to put a scoop of mousse into a tartlet and make it a mini pie. Fun flavors! And such a fun idea! And the restaurant itself is super homey and cozy, great place to hang out for a dessert break. My family loved it. My only comment is that most of the flavors sweet- and it became a lot of sweet in sweet.

Tim Hollis

Awesome sweets to rayCome on in a get q mini pie and sit a little while

Francis H.

Dangerously good. I got a red velvet mini pie the texture was amaaazing. So sweet I could barely finish it so if you're planning on getting something bigger be weary . I could probably only return to this place once a year it was so sweet. Prices are high but no complaint, definitely worth a try!! Service was lovely and atmosphere was homey.

Ryan Kemp

Great desert, but you need to live your fillings. Please bring back your cheesecakes.

Gowan H.

We ordered the brownie batter kid cup and a key lime pie. The key lime pie was really good. The brownie batter was okay. I miss the larger amounts and the original formula that had a thicker consistency. The current consistency tastes like a flavored whipped cream. It is still good, but preferred how it was a few years ago. Still a neat concept and will be back to try out new flavors.

LeAnn Wilson

Amazing choices! Fun and interesting take on pies. Cute farm house ambiance. Great service and tasty combos. I had a small bowl of cheesecake filling with chocolate mint cookie crumbles! Creamy and flavorful❤.

Brian L.

To the person that complained about lack of mask at this place... You are pathetic. Worried about masks with a 99.8% survival rate. Stay at home and cry like all the other libtards you big baby!! You're probably doing this place a favor not having to deal with your Karen ass!!!


Great place to pick up some pie ? and/or mousse. They had fresh apple cobbler to that is what I got (very yummy) they even have cold milk to wash it all down. 10/10 in my book. Love the decor and atmosphere and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

O'Grad T.

Absolutely love this place. The staff is always polite and very helpful. The treats are spot on and quality is on par. The slightly overpriced treats are spent on atmosphere of business to create a bar/lounge feel. Great for family.

Lorraine Richards

Pies were good ?...very nice atmosphere... service could be a little better !

Grace M.

I've always loved pie bar! I'm sooooo bummed that they've changed their recipe though. It's a lot thinner. It's just like eating flavored whipped cream now. I wish they'd go back to the original recipe.

Robert Purdom

Family dessert spot. When enjoy the pies and cobbler

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